She Got Me: The Perfect Ending

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

She Got Me: The Perfect Ending by [Bae, Just]SYNOPSIS
Antonio Blake, the single untouchable actor that every female in Hollywood craves for, but only one actress is up to the challenge of bringing him down to Earth.
Suddenly, a freak accident leaves him disabled, so is his legacy in Hollywood finished? 
Karina, an amateur movie producer and part-time actress, sees everything that Antonio can still be and contacts him to take a lead role in an upcoming action movie that many believe will be Hollywood's next blockbuster. However, Karina's curvy body, not her looks, is distracting this wild bad boy from taking her pitch seriously. Deep inside, Karina's doing everything possible to restrain herself from his seductive advances while going over the script. Although, both are not attracted to each other, there's something that both feel they need to get off of their chests before the contract is signed.
Will Antonio and Karina's love and hate work relationship survive among Hollywood's richest billionaires or will the curtains come down on the production before it even gets started?

I enjoyed the love /hate relationship between Antonio and Karina. I loved watching them overcome their physical shortcomings to open themselves up to love. They were both interesting & flawed characters, which made them more authentic. The story itself moved well. The plot was solid, formatted and written well.

What I didn't love was the mention of Karina's lack of physical beauty on every page. It was overdone. At one point I wanted to scream, "Hey! I got it! She looks like the abominable snowman or an albino gorilla. Move on!" Lastly, the narrator, while he did a great job in the He Got Me Series, he did not bring this particular story to life. I will be honest and say that I kept losing track because his voice was so soothing and without emotion.

What saved this audiobook was the love between Karina and Antonio. We should all be so lucky to find the one who loves us, flaws and all. Get your copy here and don't forget to support the author by leaving a review.

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