Raven and Sameer: This Hood Love Ain’t Ordinary Books 1 & 2

Raven and Sameer: This Hood Love Ain’t Ordinary Raven and Sameer: This Hood Love Ain’t Ordinary by Kira
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"You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences of that choice". Someone should have told Eighteen year old Raven Green that before she made a choice that she would ultimately come to regret.
From a young girl she always knew what she wanted her future to look like. She dreamed of it nightly so when she's handed her dreams on what she thinks is a silver platter she makes sure nothing or no one stands in the way of her accomplishing them... even her loving and doting boyfriend of one year Sameer.

Though Sameer is everything her young heart ever wanted in a man and she could see herself being his loving wife one day when Raven is forced to choose between their relationship or her dreams she lets him go and doesn't look back. But what happens when those dreams that were handed to you on a silver platter turn out not to be what you thought they were, and you realize that you may have made the biggest mistake of your life, and now you want your man back but he's no longer available?

Rakim Howard is Philadelphia's most problematic bad boy. At just nineteen years old, he's young, wild and reckless... on purpose and doesn't care what anyone thinks of it. That is until he crosses path with the complexed around the way but still a College girl Talea Miles and is immediately intrigued with her. However, the feelings are not mutual. Talea is not impressed with his arrogant, abrasive and wild ways and dismisses his advances with a vengeance. Her dismissal doesn't stop Rakim from pursing her, he is set on getting the young beauty to see that there is more to him than what meets the eye and that he is worth getting to know.

In this unordinary hood love story filled with choices, chances, love and regret will Raven who has now come to the realization that she made the wrong decision get a chance to fix it or is it too late. Has her once loving and doting boyfriend moved on to loving and doting over someone else? Will Rakim be able to convince Talea that he is worthy of a chance or will his bad boy ways that he is unwilling to part with ultimately keep her at arms distance?

Book Review
Book 1- The story moved very well. The couples were developed and the content relevant and relatable.  I have to say Rakim was my favorite character because he added some much needed comic relief.  While I didn't care for Raven, I could appreciate her indecision at the beginning of the book.  The editing job was a good one. I look forward to part two. The sequel has the potential to be equally as engaging. Get your copy of book 1 here and don't forget to leave your review.

Book 2-This was a good continuation and ending for Raven & Sameer. Their relationship came full circle. Raven is still very much an unlikeable character. The author adding the roadblock for Talea and Rakim and the potential for a new love interest was a nice twist. The final book had good movement and good structure.  Urban Fiction fans will enjoy this story.  You can get your copy here and support the author by leaving a review.

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