Addicted to My Baby Daddy

Addicted to My Baby Daddy Addicted to My Baby Daddy by Lady Lissa
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Addicted to My Baby Daddy is a story that will definitely leave you with conflicting emotions. Julius is a playa who is torn between two women, his baby mama and his girlfriend. As he runs between both houses trying to keep both women happy by telling them what they want to hear, his luck runs out when someone decides to run interference. Will Julius be forced to make a choice between the two women or will he continue to try playing both sides of the fence? 
Bianca has been in love with Julius for the past five years. She has put up with so much from him hoping that one day they will find their happily ever after. When Julius finally pops the question she sees that there is a future for the two of them, but can Julius change his ways and commit to one woman? Is it really in the cards for him to be with Bianca? 
Ka’Maya is Julius’ girlfriend who is tired of competing with his baby mama. When Ka’Maya gets some surprising news, how will she and Julius handle the news? Will the two of them finally get to a point where it’s just the two of them or will Banca always be a third wheel between them? Follow the trio as they try to find some balance in their lives in pursuit of the happily ever after in the first installment of Addicted to My Baby Daddy…

This author is in my top 10 when it comes to bringing dramatic emotional reads. The storyline revolved Julius and the women in his life and him not being able to remain faithful. There was plenty of drama and sex, but not much else, unfortunately.
There were no SPAG issues and no issues with formatting. However, the reason for my low score was the amount of repetition in the book. There were several passages and full pages of dialogue that was repeated verbatim just from different character's POV, which meant very little movement for our dear Julius. I can't like them all I guess. I will say that book one ended in a way that has setup book two to be quite entertaining with loads of potential. You can get your copy here and support the author by leaving a review. 
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