The Side Chick From Hell: His Wife's Worst Nightmare

The Side Chick From Hell: His Wife's Worst Nightmare The Side Chick From Hell: His Wife's Worst Nightmare by Mo'Nik
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kareema and her boyfriend Cardeeay have a seemingly perfect relationship. They both have great careers that they love, healthy bank accounts, gorgeous looks, and of course, the sex is on point. Kareema adores Cardeeay and his doting ways. From the attention he gives her, to the gifts he showers her with regularly; there's no doubt in her mind that she’ll be Mrs. Scott one day. 

She thinks she knows everything there is to know about the man she loves and wants to marry, but he hasn't been completely honest with her about his life. One lonely night turns into the worse night of her life when she discovers Cardeeay's secret, his wife. 

Kareema only wanted his time, and once he makes the crucial mistake of denying her that one time too many, he sets off a chain of events that will alter everyone’s lives forever. Though Kareema seems to be the perfect woman, Cardeeay soon finds out that looks can be deceiving. His desire to have his cake and eat it too puts him in a situation no one could have predicted.

Book Review

This was a fast-paced story filled with lots of introspection by Kareema. This short story consisted of largely of one primary scene, which took place in her lover's home. After bringing the three of them together, the story detailed her descent into madness.  The Author did a good job of putting the reader in the mind of the primary character. While not completely what was expected, I thought the end fitting for this story.

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