8 Seconds to Love

8 Seconds to Love 8 Seconds to Love by Monica Walters
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Having her own successful baking business literally fell into Harper Richardson’s lap. She’s strong, smart, independent, and well-rounded. Her life has already been figured out, and she is living it to the best of her abilities, along with her year-long boyfriend, Zaire.

Things seem to be going well until Harper is given some news that stuns her, leaving her angry with herself for being so na├»ve. Zaire isn’t the man she thought he was. Still reeling from that news, she decides to go and have a great time at the Houston Livestock Show. Her interest was only in the concerts happening, but a certain bull-rider steals her attention. Doing her best to resist him only makes her want him more.

Legend Semien, bull-rider extraordinaire and a legend in the making, has made his passion a professional career. He loves the risk and suspense of it all. Being in the limelight of the rodeo circuit, he’s cocky and expects to be able to get whatever he wants. That expectation applies to women too. His conquests always approached him, and he was living the life he thought was meant for him to live. The moment he sees Harper, he knows that he wants her. There’s something different about her though. She doesn’t approach him. Destined to make her his, he steps out of his comfort zone in a quest to get what he wants.

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I loved this story. Being from Houston I always enjoy when I read stories that I can relate to knowing the city. The narrators did a great job, so it was a very easy listen. I thought that was hilarious the way they called them buckle bunnies. The relationship between Legend and Red was a true brotherhood. I was glad that Harper finally put herself first and Legend did too. 
The audio production was well done. The male narrator may not have been the best choice, but overall this was a fantastic listen. You can get your copy below and support the author by leaving a review. 

Good Job Monica! 

T. Black - Kaybee's bookshelf review team member



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