A Real N*gga's Rib

A Real N*gga's Rib A Real N*gga's Rib

Asha and Roderick have been together for years and have a bond that most people envy. Some would say that they're relationship goals, but everything that glitters ain't always gold. When Rod's criminal past comes back to haunt him, it causes a major strain and separation on he and Asha's relationship.

                                              Book Review
Asha and Rod were lovers who married and were faced with a forced separation that resulted in betrayal and disloyalty by one. The betrayal resulted in the death of their relationship 

Now the journey to the demise of their relationship is what should interest you. It was very tame with no hint of instability. It was so tame that the ending came out of nowhere and while explosive and dramatic it made me go "huh?" I did like the nods to social hot spots in Houston like the Bell Tower and Breakfast Klub.

I will say this I love a book that has been formatted and edited well and for that, I gave it the rating I did. This author cares about her work and gave this reader a professional-looking product. 
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by KayBee