Samantha's Heart: The Forrest Series, Book 3

Samantha's Heart: The Forrest Series, Book 3 Samantha's Heart: The Forrest Series, Book 3 
by Lynne Anders

When her husband Steven’s memory partially returns after an unknown assailant shot and nearly killed him, Samantha Williams Collins expects their lives to pick up where they left off. However, Steven admits he’s a changed man and no longer possesses the intimate connection they once shared. She struggles to find a new normal with him, drawing on hope from their unborn child, and relying on support from her college-age step-daughter Rebecca, and the light in her life—her precious baby son, Christopher.

But, how can Samantha find peace and true love again when Steven now fundamentally questions his love for her? His ex-girlfriend Jackie Anthony, continues to harass them, and yet another traumatizing life experience tosses Samantha to the edge of an emotional abyss.

                                                            Book Review
The end of Samantha and Steven's story wraps up as it should.  All 3 books have an element of sexy romance but also elements of love and friendship.  Trust is important as we learn in each installment and family is a top priority.  The major events that took place in this last installment definitely contained the mysteriousness required, though a bit predictable. 

 The major event from book 2 was resolved in this one and was unexpected, which I liked.  As with the previous installments, this story was a bit wordy with details that added no value to the story.  The rollercoaster that is Samantha and Steven's relationship continued on its course along with their allowance of Jackie in their business much too often.  Both Samantha and Steven are very selfish, childish and always put off talking about important issues until later.  I felt the only character with any semblance of stability in the series is Rebecca, Steven's daughter albeit light.

Overall, all 3 stories definitely flowed and connected with each other well, though there was some information told to Sue in book 2 that she apparently didn't know in book 3 until Samantha let it "slip" out.  That was a bit confusing. This series was an okay read for me. 
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