Fire Molten & Ash

Fire Molten & Ash Fire Molten & Ash 
by Clarence Barbee

Molten Fire and Ash is a collection of intense poems. This collection is confident in the fluid environment that has been created where time and space become suspended. Divided into 3 sequences, this work remarkably summons themes on self reflection, fatherhood, politics, mental health, and family values, in an imaginative and animated way.

Strong word-play is exhibited as the author finds diverse ways to engage and stimulate his readers. This collection will speak to the reader who loves the page, as well as fans of spoken word. If you’re looking for a book where words are performed with force, then you’ve found it.

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Each poem in this collection represents a part of this world as it stands today.  Along with representing the author as he stands today.  He is a father full of love and worry for the future.  It's about the BLM movement and the mention of #45 in "Crudeship" or "T" in "Smoke Author (Bring back Barack)" evokes the political state the world is living in.   The world is a tough place to navigate in its current state and all of the different roles we play as humans is reflected in each word Mr. Barbee set down in these pages.  It's heart wrenching, poignant and important to read this collection

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by KayBee