Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love Forbidden Love 
Diana Rose

Fairy tales always say happily ever after comes right after a princess meets her prince. For Amy and Darien, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Princess Amy of the Moon Kingdom has led a sheltered life and dreams about escape. With a controlling mother directing her every move, she remains insecure in her abilities and afraid to disappoint her family. She doesn’t lack courage, but seizing it, even for what she wants most, is harder than she ever thought possible.

Darien, the young prince of the Earth Kingdom is ready for anything that comes his way. When he meets Princess Amy, he wants nothing more than the happily ever after the fairy tales promised.

Amy’s mother doesn’t approve of the match, but she isn’t the only one standing in their way… When Pond Water Prince tears them apart, Amy and Darien must fight for their love or lose that happily ever after…forever.

                                                          Book Review
We are introduced to a magical world with Amy and Darien as secret lovers.  He is 14 and she is 13 when they meet.  Amy's parents don't approve since he is from a different kingdom.  The happily ever after of this story is eventually realized but getting there was a little weird.  It's set in the 1830's but there is a computer room and the language felt more modern to me.  While the journeys some characters took involved magical, talking creatures, it didn't connect with me and didn't seem to fit in with the story.  There are numerous characters in this story to keep up with and one named Pond Water Prince who wants to take the kingdoms and all of their powers away and will stop anyone in his path.  I feel this story was at least 2 1/2 stars but gave it 3 because of the depth of the story itself.  The story needs a little tweaking because it didn't flow as well as it had the potential to flow but it was entertaining where it needed to be.

Bookshelf Review Team Member