All Things Work Out Well

All Things Work Out Well All Things Work Out Well by K. Reshay

Smiddy's Dry Cleaners is a staple in the Jackson, MS community. Although, it wouldn't have survived without the hard work and dedication of Ruth Ann Sumner and San Winters. The ladies have been friends and co-workers for years. Ruth Ann can't find love and yearns for the day her heart will become whole again. San's toxic relationship hinders her from becoming a successful hairstylist. From crazy customers to broken down machines, the ladies have seen it all. But life as they know it will change once a simple act of kindness turns their whole world upside down. In this hilarious and thought-provoking drama, the ladies will learn the true definition of live, laugh, and love.

Book Review

Two friends who worked in a dry cleaning business in downtown Jackson, MS that had items that broke down on a regular basis. Ruth Ann was 45, single, and had given up on love. San was 10 years her junior and involved in a toxic relationship. Both women made mistakes that a lot of us make like falling in love with the unattainable partners or hanging on to what used to be or someone's potential and forgetting our value. While Ruth Ann finally wakes up to her situation, San is forced out of hers. 
The author touches on domestic violence, infidelity, friendship, love, and second chances in this feel-good story. 
There were a few issues for me in regards to transitions bet, a missing word here and there and odd word/phrase usage i.e. "the ladies were so out of concern that they simply nodded and smiled most of the time." I think the "unconcerned" would have been the correct word to use. I was also shocked at how swiftly and nonchalantly Morris' character was handled. However, I can see only giving him the 3 sentences or so he was afforded to reflect his ultimate insignificance in San's future. As it stands though it seemed thrown in just to wrap him up. The co-protagonists were developed as were their individual storylines to a degree. While we don't get to see the journey to success, we can assume that both women ultimately found love and success. I would recommend this story to anyone wanting a healthy dose of laughter with a feel-good tale of friendship. You can get your copy below and support the author by leaving a review. 


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