Samantha’s Hope

Samantha’s Hope Samantha’s Hope

Forrest, Indiana is a charming small town. Hoping for a new beginning, Samantha Williams is drawn in by the beauty of the seasonal changes. A new home and new friends are what she needs to feel the calm of contentment again.

Until she encounters the local restauranteur, Steven Collins. Their encounter at the Homecoming Dance kindles a fire in both of them. But Samantha is warned off. Don’t get involved with Steven. He’ll hurt you. Not wishing further heartache, Samantha busies herself with her new job and settling into town denying her growing desire.

Steven attempts, on several occasions, to win Samantha's affections. But Samantha isn’t easily deceived and continues to distance herself from him until that fateful snow day. However, when Samantha believes he’s been less than truthful with her, she backs away once again.

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Here we meet Samantha. She is grieving the loss of her husband and looking for a change of scenery. She falls into a quaint small town named Forrest. A writer, she finds a job at the local paper and begins a routine with the locals. She is well-liked and easily accepted. She meets Steven and instantly makes a connection and thus begins a love story full of ups and downs. Throw in another man, Brandon and Steven’s on again off again ex Jackie, and it makes for interesting drama. While the story flowed well and there were tons of character chemistry, the story may have been a bit too long. I loved reading the descriptions of the nature around the city and her cozy house. The winter feels during this hot summer was refreshing and now I sit in anticipation of the fall months. Book 2 next.

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by KayBee