Cloaked Blade

Cloaked Blade Cloaked Blade 
Serenity Marie

With an election coming up and the change from martial
l law to democracy, ex-president Steven Colescott has a lot on his plate. Things only get worse when he learns at a rally that his daughter Martha has been murdered. Determined to find her murder Steven embarks on a journey backed by the army. 
When all his suspects end up mysteriously dead Steven begins to believe the army is behind it. That the army has murdered his daughter in cold blood in hopes of gaining Steven's sympathy votes.

Steven decides to take a stand and hold a campaign against army martial law administrator John Roberts, only to discover that Roberts has been murdered. If things weren’t bad before this is when all hell breaks loose as the country goes into a riot and Steven is arrested for homicide. Knowing he’s innocent he can’t help but think who framed him. And most importantly if the army wasn’t behind the murder if Martha, who was?

                                                                                 Book Review

I was not immediately pulled into this story but I did connect with Steven as a parent and his thought processes. I overthink just about everything so I could fully connect with that part of him. That was the extent of my connection. The story itself was quite riveting and I'm sure the ending was supposed to be "What the heck happened moment?" but I was just confused. It was quite a jaw-dropping twist, but I couldn't see its connection other than the fact that the military looked foolish. The story is politically dystopian and true to the genre. There were a couple of errors but nothing that distracted from the words themselves as a whole. I honestly would have liked more of a story and more background. It all felt so straight and narrow with no room to connect further with the plot. I would recommend it for those who devour dystopian stories and I'd give it 3 1/2 stars. So, I rolled it to a 4.

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