Gangstress Gangstress by India

Janelle Doesher never wanted to be a hustler’s bitch. She wanted to be a bitch that hustled, bottom line! She watched in awe as her father became notorious on the vicious streets of Detroit and silently waited for a shot under his umbrella. After tragedy strikes her family, Janelle is black-balled to the bottom. However, she’s determined to re-gain control of the streets and take possession of the throne. The underworld ain’t never seen a female boss like her. Hold on tight, as you are about to embark on a ride unlike none other! The breathtaking tale of the one and only Jane Doe is sure to leave you speechless.

Book Review
This was a decent listen. It started strong and while there was action there was no one thing that stood out to me. I think the author did a good job creating Janelle's character and plot movement.  She also did a good job of creating a bit of tension surrounding who killed Janelle's parents.  It was interesting to see how Janelle at such a young age would/could handle the death of her parents, the involvement of the person who aided in their demise, and her future actions. Nicole Small as the narrator was a good choice. She delivered a solid audio production. On to book two.