Son of A Legend

Son of A Legend Son of A Legend
by Dymond Taylor
This is a spin-off. To be able to follow the story, I recommend you read That Bona Fide Hood Love: Fire and Pure, followed by Rockin’ His Chain, Wearing His Ring: Jumma & Trouble. This story is surrounding Pure and Fire’s children. Prince AKA Chosen is all grown up and has taken over his father’s empire. All is good until one of their trustee workers puts a bug in his ear. He lets out a secret that is never supposed to be told—Cyril is not your real father. In fact, he’s responsible for the death of your biological father. Jr., who has his dad’s attitude through and through, doesn’t take too well to the news. Just how far is Prince willing to go to avenge his father’s death? What will become of this close-knit family once everything is said and done?

                                                                                   Book Review
Now. I'm going to be the first to admit that I wanted /needed this book so that I could a glimpse into what Cyril "Fire" Prince was up to now. lol 
In Prince's book, Fire's son and namesake, we get to see how the Prince clan is doing now that a few of the kids are heading into adulthood at 18 and 19 years of age. We get to see an old nemesis and how they've ingratiated themselves into the lives of the future of the family. 
Prince and Bless aka Rush are both all grown up and taking over the family business. 
Taylor did not disappoint with this story. It moved well. It was engaging and she still managed to deliver a surprise or two. This is one of those series where I actually want 5 or 6 books. lol
My only issues were that a few of the editing issues distracted me and the ages of Fire & Pure seemed off unless they were 16 and 19 when they met. I'll have to go back to book 1 and look. 

All in all, I LOVE this series. It's urban romance at it's finest and makes me yearn for my own Fire to be ignited. You can get a copy of the book below and support the author by leaving a review.