The Perfect Waters: Odessa. Book One

The Perfect Waters: Odessa. Book One The Perfect Waters: Odessa. Book One 
LeeSha McCoy

A Prince, a thousand-year-old Blue Whale, and the race against time to find the single most important thing to the waters' survival.

For the waters to be perfect, an Odessa must connect to all life within them, and if the reigning Odessa loses her life, her sorcery is always passed to her first-born daughter.

Only, the daughter the waters know of, is not the first.

Asia's mother went missing eighteen years ago and since then, Asia has feared the one thing she always dreamt of working with.

The ocean.

So instead, she's been living life as a lab tech. She doesn't exactly love her job, but it pays the bills and she has money to spend on nights out with her girls. However, her most recent night out ends up with her gaining markings on her skin and losing body parts...

Prince Zale is son to Emperor Ecthelion and Empress Océane. They rule Ocêllus, also known as the Royal Waters. News quickly arrives of O'Marilla's murder and the waters become a state of panic.

Darya, the daughter of O'Marilla, arrives in Ocêllus to take her position as Odessa but unawares to anyone, she is not the first-born daughter.

A single member of royalty and Priestess Noelani are always pulled to the next Odessa, but so are the murky sea witches who use hounds to do their dirty work. So, with a woman up on land unawares to how important she is, the hunt for her begins before she gets into the wrong hands.

Who will find her first? And will Asia be able to find the one thing she needs in order to claim her sorcery so she can make the waters perfect again?

                                                                                        Book Review
This was a pleasant surprise. Leesha McCoy did a good job of creating this new world of formal marine and informal human life. The verbiage created for the characters was a mix of formal and informal /slang that was used.  McCoy took her time bringing us into the world of Aisa and her Prince. I found humor in her realization when certain parts of her human anatomy retreated and her mermaid anatomy came forward. There was also murder and intrigue found in the "whodunnit" involving the previous Odessa. 

As with any new series, book 1 is about creating and setting up the world in which you want your readers to become immersed and I think McCoy accomplished that for me by using the descriptive language employed to describe such beings as the murky sea witches and the Corals.  A few characters stood out and among them was Calder.  This is a great start to a new series and I'm happy to have discovered not only a new urban paranormal author but a new narrator to "fangirl" over in Erikah Nelson aka Batman. (Inside joke) She managed to perfectly embody both male and female characters. I look forward to the audiobook for part two.  The only reason this wasn't a 5 star was that if there was a bit of repetition.

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