Dare To Love A Baller

Dare To Love A Baller Dare To Love A Baller 
by Kim K.

Jace Ballard is an all-star basketball player that has everything a guy could want. He's rich, has women chasing him left and right and has a good chance of being drafted into the pros. But what happens when he falls in love with his best friend of five years, Drew Robinson?

Drew has the attention of the guy that every girl wants, but she doesn't even see it because she's too consumed with her boyfriend, Riley. Jace is so conflicted with falling for Drew, and unfortunately, everyone can see it except her. Will she actually look beyond her own selfish needs and notices Jace for more than just a friend? Or, will she end up in a hopeless relationship, only to lose a real chance at genuine love?

                                                      Series Review
Book 1
Jace and Drew love each other, but don't divulge it, and when they do they encounter a hidden force that is determined to pull them apart. This was an extremely slow-paced story. I will say that it did pick up the last 5% of the book, which set up the sequel to be entertaining. I couldn't completely engage with the characters, but I will attribute it to the fact that I'm not necessarily the target age group for this story. I think if it were "less wordy" during the introduction to the characters and their world, which took up the majority of the book and had more actionable sequences that propelled it forward, it could have made a stronger impact with this reader.  There were some missed opportunities to also make the story more entertaining by not exploring potential subplots and. I do recommend it the story for its positives, which are seeing black love and women's empowerment. Sidenote: The editing team did a fantastic job. However, don't take my word for it. You can get your copy below and support the author by leaving a review

Book 2 
Book two for Jace and Drew flowed much better. You see them as adults and have moved past the events of their breakup. The author reveals Drew's secret to Jace fairly early on and that helped shape the story from that point. This was a slow, easy contemporary fiction. I would have loved to see some romance, but watching the two navigate adulthood and remove the negative roadblocks was pleasing as well. I would recommend this 2 book series to those who enjoy contemporary adult fiction. You can get your copy below and support the author by leaving a review.


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