Syd's Wolf Den

Syd's Wolf Den Syd's Wolf Den by K. Harris

Certified tomboy Sydni spoke how she felt at all times and proclaimed war against anyone who attempted to check her. Many accused her of being callous but those that she considered as family loved her and her mouth. Past hurt of being neglected by her father and let down by men in general, she was a free spirit who dodged long term commitments like flying bullets. Sydni’s sharp tongue and crass vocabulary led people to believe that she was loose, free-loving. The truth was, Syd had yet to find a man worthy of her attention for longer than a hot minute. That is until the Knight’s prospect, Wolf walked into the bar she managed.

Whereas Syd really had no preference when it came to flirt with men, the ones who were gifted with a dip in her whirlpool did not resemble him. Tall, light-bright, and quiet was the exact opposite of what she was. Either way, Wolf was the epitome of indifferent and would appear to care less whether she was throwing the panties at him seriously or for play. A dumb ass attempt to make him jealous during Blacktober fest was foiled when too many drinks were consumed, and Syd wound up overplaying her hand. Conceding that she just may not be his type, she is given a heated dose of the energy that she constantly pumped in his direction. Immediately afterward, Wolf retreats back to his normal stance of blasé.

Left confused and conflicted, Syd vows to get some answers by any means necessary. Truth be damned, she had a craving to tie the young Knight up in her Wolf’s Den until he submits to the sexy seductress that she aims to be.

                                                                Book Review
Syd met her match in one young Wolf. I loved the character development in this one. The author did a great job of capturing Syd's tomboy nature and the struggle to be vulnerable to Wolf and love. It takes a strong Alpha to walk with a strong female Alpha. Harris also did a great job of capturing Wolf's quiet power. Syd's confusion at the potential rejection was captured accurately as well. The story moved well with action and passion. You also got to catch up on where Dez and Cage were in their relationship. I would recommend this book. On to book three.