A Gangsta and His Wifey

A Gangsta and His Wifey A Gangsta and His Wifey by Shaye B
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Kehlani Pruitt is the typical hood girl forced to grow up too soon. Despite never having a life of her own Kehlani is determined to make something of herself. However, her mother’s antics put a damper on her dreams and forces her to take extreme measures to foot the bills. Her crazy attempt to make ends meet ultimately lands her in the presence of the ruthless gangsta, Bizarre. Will Bizarre be the break that Kehlani needs to have a life to call her own, finally? 

Khyla Williams is the hood’s angel with a bright future ahead of her. After landing a full academic scholarship to Howard University Khyla is on the fast track to achieving her dreams. That was until her parents revealed their alarming plans for her future; which could force her into the bed of the stoic and reserved, gangsta, Zeus. Khyla is left to decide if she’ll carry out her family’s legacy or run off and live out her dreams. 

Every hood has an around the way girl, and Queen Akira is just that. She’s the “Queen” of beating men at their own game; until she meets Pharaoh. A crazy gangsta who is known for his jealous and possessive ways. Putting her love to the test, Pharaoh challenges Queen on her promiscuous ways. Leaving her with a complicated dilemma: love him or leave him. 

Three certified gangstas and three beautiful women who are given the task of loving them. Will these women have what it takes to earn the wifey title and stand by their man’s side. Or is the hood life just too much for them to bear? Tune in to a Gangsta & His Wifey to find out!

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This book started strong and ending the same way. The author never allowed the story to have a lull. She delivered interesting characters and situation that can only develop from here. Good structure, good plot and very strong characters

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Fire read 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

These characters had me totally entranced! I fell in love with Biz and the way he loved Lani. So savage yet so sweet but only with her. Pharoah just played himself all the time. Smh. Major exudes power and the way Queen did him ....betrayal is an awful thing. I can hardly wait for book 3! SHAYE B .... YOU DID THAT!

book 3
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