He was the Rich Goon I Needed

He was the Rich Goon I Needed He was the Rich Goon I Needed by Kendra Sumter
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“Ashes to ash, dust to dust, like the sun, I rise.” ~Rebirth~
​“I want what I want. I like what I like. That’s all that matters. Feel how you want to and watch how I don’t give a damn.” ~Kyandra~
​“All I want is love, loyalty, understanding, a husband, a house, and children. Is that too much to ask for?” ~Kennocha~
​“Relationship is a twelve letter word that I’m allergic to. I don’t use it. I’ve never had one, and I’m not trying to have one.” ~Duke~ 
​We often want what we want, no matter how bad it is for us. The forbidden fruit is always sweeter. What happens when four people collide in the most unimaginable way? Will their viewpoints on life change, or will they continue to want what they want, no matter the consequences? Take a ride through the pages of ‘He Was the Rich Goon I Needed’ and find out if what they want outweighs what they really need. 

Book Review
The story
The characters were interesting. The storyline moved well. The errors were minimal.
The relationships moved quickly. Two weeks of solid conversation and the "I love you's" flowed freely. The betrayal & drama ran deep and the villainy was aplenty.

The other stuff
The characters were difficult to connect with as a reader. The dialogue was a bit sophomoric. Like maybe, they just learned how to use curse words and every delivery had to be attitude filled. The deep heartfelt monologues didn't quite gel with the aggressive dialogue that would be spoken moments before or after. it just came off odd. While I understood why Kyandra had a "chip on her shoulder" and was always aggressive, it did not make me care about her outcome. I think that is only because i saw little growth from her on a personal level. The other three primary characters had noticeable growth and were more developed. All in all, this was a decent read.

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