Author Spotlight - Octavia Grant

Anyone who has followed me for more than a couple months probably knows this South Carolina native, Octavia Grant, is one of my favorite authors, male or female when it comes to jaw-dropping fiction. She has consistently delivered work that often times takes me through a range of emotions, all leaving me with my jaw on the floor and shaking my head in wonder. Yeah, she's that good. So indulge me as I share a little bit about someone that gets an automatic "one-click" from me on Amazon or Audible.
Grant discovered her love of writing in the 11th grade after penning a short story called "The Hyena's Laugh". Though she attended college at Horry-Georgetown Technical College & obtained an Associates in Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice, as well as, a Bachelors of Science from the University of Phoenix in Organizational Security and Management, her passion never left for Creative Writing. She discovered her love of storytelling and writing short stories in 2002 while a Junior in High School. Since she never believed writing was something that she could do professionally, she only considered writing to be a hobby. Lucky for us that she quickly realized that the hobby could be a lucrative and entertaining career.
After hiding her talent for so long, moving to Florida and being signed to True Glory Publications, she wrote her first book in 2016 and went on to publish it in 2017. Grant says that the release of her first book "felt like a breath of fresh air". She wrote over 20 books under this Publishing House. However, in November 2018, Grant decided to leave the company and became an independent author & publisher. Like many creatives, she draws her inspiration from life, a simple conversation with her has the potential to become a bestseller. When in the midst of a new project, that could take up to 14 days for a novella or 30 days for a novel, there are a few necessities that must be present - a composition book, gel ink pen, horror movies and craisins. Yup, horror movies, and craisins. Doing things in what some may deem "the old fashioned way" allows this talent to "feel" her words, connect with her characters and for her story to flow. She knows that a strong storyline and tons of drama make her stories great. Who are we to question her process? After all, it lead her to create M-DOC Creations Publications. While she has learned that the industry can be quite cut-throat, she continued to thrive and released 2 new books and re-released 6 new books with stunning new covers. Her favorite release is I'll Never Let You Go. You can find my book review here.

When not writing she can be found with family, friends, supporting the work of other authors or engaging the minds of today's youth through "storytime" at a local daycare in her current state of Florida. She also hears from her readers quite a bit, especially if the sequel of a book takes to long......(cough, cough I'll Never Let You Go sequel). I'm kidding...well sort of.

At any rate, I for one am happy that she realized that blood freaked her out and gave up becoming a Registered Nurse. (smile) I cannot imagine missing out on the literary gems she's gifted us with so far. I look forward to seeing what comes next. I'm sure it will be more heart-pounding drama.
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