She Gave Her All to the Hood’s Finest

She Gave Her All to the Hood’s Finest She Gave Her All to the Hood’s Finest by Shvonne Latrice
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Camarih Marlon is your typical pretty girl from the hood. Enduring hardship after hardship, and constant tragedies, has drained any hope of having a better life from the beauty. After one traumatic event in particular, Camarih realizes that life will never be what she wants it to, and expects nothing less than good old misfortune. Even her R&B singing boyfriend has become the worst decision she's ever made. And just when Camarih believes life can't get any worse, she unveils a mind blowing secret about the people she thought loved and cared for her, only proving her bad luck theory correct. Mentally, she has given up, until she meets the ignorant, disrespectful, and intimidating Tony Wacko. Knowing as soon as they meet that he is not her type, despite his extremely good-looking exterior, Camarih puts the brash hood boy to the back of her mind. However, Tony has other plans for her. 

Tony Wacko or Leimert Park's finest, is an ill-mannered, off-kilter, pure unadulterated hood boy, with the sexy looks to match. Ever wondered what a brother straight from the ghetto was like? It's Wacko. He's as ignorant as it gets, but with the same amount of intelligence. Since middle school, he's always had to fend for himself, and getting swallowed up by the hood life has hardened him to seemingly beyond repair. He cares for nothing and no one outside of his money, and a few family members to an extent. Things start to shift when the handsome hard-hearted Tony meets the much softer and sweeter Camarih. For a woman who needs love, the last thing she wants is a man who is incapable of giving it. Will Tony's callous and rude behavior push the gentile spirit that is Camarih away? Or will she be able to soften the brutal, uncivil, and reckless hood? 

In this urban love story filled with betrayal, jealousy, shocking revelations, and forbidden obsessions, will the good girl and extra rude bad boy be able to develop a true love? Or will Camarih's negative outlook on life and love, continue to be true? But how easy is it for her to walk away when she gave him her all, and when there wasn't much left to begin with?

Book Review
This story had quite a few strengths that went into my five-star rating
Characters-interesting, developed, complex, entertaining, flawed, relatable
Plot-defined, interesting, relevant content, moderately paced, good flow, solidly structured

The story caught my attention with a heartbreaking intro and never let it go. I read this in one sitting. I felt for Camarih, who had no one in order corner until she met Wacko. Who endeared himself to me, because when you got past all the rude language, you saw a man who was direct, no patience for disrespect, needed love and was ambitious. However, if you crossed him you would regret. The supporting cast was equally intriguing. I won't reveal too much about them so as not to give away in spoilers. Every character that was introduced added value to the story in some capacity. I look forward to book two.

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