Sleeping With the Devil Series

Sleeping With the Devil Sleeping With the Devil by Nicolet Martin-Hill
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Have you ever wondered if the man or woman you're sleeping with really has your best interest at heart? 
Natalie thought Damian hung the moon, stars and everything above. 
He was her everything, her provider, her protector, her lover, her husband. Damian hid his true intentions very well. What Natalie thought was innocent competitiveness was nothing more than pure hatred. 
What happens when his truths are revealed? How much pain and heartache will Natalie endure before she finds out she's been sleeping with the Devil?
Book Review
Book 1-
I listened to this book on audio. The characters and plot were a little underdeveloped. I was looking for some excitement or drama, The potential is there and I'm hoping that book two delivers it. The pain that is promised by Damien's actions will make a lasting impact on Natalie's life. I am hoping the redundancy is lessened in the next installment.
Book 2-
This edition had really good movement and content.  Karma was busy handout payback to all those villains in book 1. This installment also had minimal errors, good formatting, character development and action.
Book 3-
The finale was what you would hope for from this series. Retribution, secrets revealed, murder, suicide all came together in a believable ending. Great job!

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