Author Spotlight - Daja Alexander

Daja Alexander is a Rochester, NY based author. As a child of only 8 years old, the writing bug hit her. She had hopes of becoming a singer and songwriter. This dream allowed her gift to flourish and evolve over the years. Even though she's still learning and discovering her voice and style, Daja knows to make a great story you need interesting details and an intriguing plot to kick things off. She's still learning about the nuances of the literary process & the unique ways you handle when the moments when creativity strikes, including writing part of her novel on her cell phone. Thus far she's written 1 book, 4 in progress & several more in the works. Daja draws inspiration from God, her dreams and an active mind. I know you creatives can relate. As a single mom, she has to make time for work, family, herself and her craft. Her writing process can take up to 6 months for a single novel. so when inspiration strikes she writes. She makes it work. When not writing or working, this 25-year-old single mom of one enjoys reading, traveling, listening to music and spending time with her daughter. Her first novel, Dicmatized:  A Player’s Raw Scheme will be released late August 2019 on Diamond Life Presents
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