Yearning for Your Love: Complications of a Confused Heart

Yearning for Your Love: Complications of a Confused Heart Yearning for Your Love: Complications of a Confused Heart by Khamesia Sherean
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What are you to do when your mind is in one place and your heart is in another? How do you let go when your mind still wonders about the past and where it all went wrong? You’re supposed to be moving on yet you’re still holding onto the good memories and sweet love. You can’t construe these emotions so you constantly feel like you’re battling yourself in this commotion. 

After trials and tribulations, JerZee and Raqiah were finally set to get married. Was he making the right decision? 

With all the pain and drama that came from loving Brayshad, Raqiah was finally in a good place and over him. It took her a while to adapt after losing him but since she had a great man and two precious kids, it was easy. Well, at least she thought it was. 

Knaomi was finally in a good place in her life. Her past was behind her, her event planning business was doing good, her son was happy, and she even had a new man. Yet, despite how good he was for her and her son, she still couldn’t find it in her heart to give her all to him. He was perfect and any girl will be lucky to have him but why couldn’t she stop thinking about her old man? When an unexpected thing happens and throws her new life off, she’s confused on what to do. Will Raqiah allow past feelings to ruin a good thing? Or will her selfish ways get her into a situation that hard to get out? 

Book Review
The story had almost a chaotic feel to it. I was baffled on more than one occasion at a reaction that didn't seem to quite fit. That being said, I didn't realize until the end that it was a spinoff or continuation (update) of Incarcerating the heart of a savage of which I read book one a while back. So this review may be updated once I refresh my memory on book one and read book two.

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