The Family Business 4

The Family Business 4 by Carl Weber
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

National bestselling authors Carl Weber and Treasure Hernandez are back with their latest installment in the wildly popular Family Business series. LC Duncan, patriarch and leader of the Duncan clan is alive and well after being shot by a mysterious gunman. His near-death experience has caused him and his wife Chippy to reflect on both the past and present and together they decide that it's time to return to Waycross, Georgia for a long overdue family reunion. But wherever the Duncans go, trouble and drama are never too far behind, and this time it comes in the form of longtime Duncan enemy Vinnie Dash, and Ruby, the mother of Orlando Duncan s baby who disappeared before the child was born.

Book Review
This installment was pretty good. It did appear to drag on in places an led to an anti-climatic ending. The buildup for a heated confrontation between Dash and the Duncans didn't happen.  It was very anti-climatic Ruby remained annoying.  Orlando still wasn't a Boss- I hope book 5 recaptures the entertainment factor that Book 1 held.  The production value was top-notch.

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