Sprung Off A Youngin

Sprung Off A Youngin Sprung Off A Youngin by Rayna Caprice
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Melonie is a 35-year-old successful lawyer who finds herself at ropes end. With everything around her falling apart, including her marriage, she's rebuilding her life one piece at a time. Finding comfort in her best friend, Trina, she slowly makes her way out of the black hole she unexpectedly, fell in. 

Jaceon is a certified street hitta but after the death of his dear mother, he realizes the streets aren't for him anymore. Living a fast life, he makes some pretty fast decisions, leaving him to deal with circumstances he's nowhere near prepared for, but as the saying goes, real niggas don't fold. 

Book Review
This was an okay read. My first by this author I believe. The characters were developed. The drama aplenty as were the grammatical errors. The errors were enough to be distracting. The story moved at a moderate pace and had flowed fairly well.  It feels, however, as if the story was incomplete. Maybe it was because of the ending with Vita stating she was alone after a visit from those involved in her storyline. I'm not sure. I think Jaceon and Mel were together at the end. It was kind of glossed over for me so again I'm not sure. The characters a few got their HEA, but I'm not sure why it feels incomplete.

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