Never A Wife Always A Sidechick 1 & 2

Never A Wife Always A Sidechick Never A Wife Always A Sidechick by Viola Monreaux
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Texas beauty, Malika Carter is a young, successful and sexy business woman who could probably get any man she wanted. The problem is that Malika doesn't want any man... unless he's someone else's man. She can’t help it but she loves being the side chick and doesn’t see anything wrong with it. But when she meets a special man one day, everything about him makes her want to consider changing her ways. 

Kentrell and Kane LaDay are identical twins but polar opposites in nearly every way. While Kane is the drug dealing, bad chick seeking, wild child of the two, Kentrell is the epitome of a ‘good black man’ and everything his mother would’ve wanted him to be, had she lived to see the day. Outside of their physical appearance, the LaDay brothers are nothing alike and have nothing in common… nothing, but Malika Carter, that is.  

They say everything is bigger in Texas and the saying rings true when it comes drama as well. With Malika caught up between two brothers, sex, lies, love and death becomes a factor in each of their lives. Will one woman’s karma cause the demise of all three? 

Book Review
Malika is a sex-positive rich Southern Girl, a dedicated side-chick and seemingly happy about it. She and her childhood friends Kentrell and Kane are still very much in each other's lives as adults. Ken the NBA star and her best friend and the man who owns her heart. Kane, the Street King, and her husband.

Malika has an open door policy when it comes to men and her places that shall not be named.  Her side-chick activities lead to brawls, shootouts, dead bodies, familial betrayal and more drama than a little bit. It all ends in a shooting and us left wondering who is left standing.

The author does a great job of creating the scene, building the characters and ratcheting up the drama. There are a few grammatical errors, but other than that the story moves quickly and seamlessly from scene to scene until it hits an explosive ending.

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