Confessions Of A Divo

Confessions Of A Divo Confessions Of A Divo by Octavia Grant
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Taniya Patterson aka Sunshine is a very beautiful and uniquely made woman. Her gorgeous face and perfect physique have several men vying for her attention. From Dope Boys to CEO’s, and everything in between. Taniya has had them all.
She possesses the ‘It Factor’ that most men can’t live without. Along with something extra that most men don’t seem to mind. Since the men she dates are usually married, Taniya agrees to keep their identities a secret to avoid any scandals. 
But when she is shot and left for dead. She has no choice but to speak to the police and confess the identities of her lovers in order to find out who tried to take her life. Find out who tried to cancel Taniya’s existence in the short story Confessions Of A Divo. 

Book Review
This story has the potential to be a good start to a new series or at the very least have a sequel generated. Sunshine's tales were entertaining. I enjoyed her recounting how she ensnared men with their own lustful vices. The characters were interesting, even the unexpected bad guy. The story was well-structured. The story was sprinkled with violence, lust, and drama. What's next for sunshine?

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