Sincerely, the Boss!

Sincerely, the Boss! Sincerely, the Boss! by Amy Morford
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Margo, a brilliant attorney, appears to have been set up by a vengeful co-worker, but to what end? Margo spent 6 years in prison for crimes she didn't commit. While working her waitress job after her release, she catches the eye of known mafioso, Sal. He lures her away from the waitressing job and becomes her lover and employer.
Margo embarks on discovering who set her up and why. She uncovers a dirty secret about her husband and gave in to her lust whenever a man showed interest even at the risk of betraying the one man who helped her get on her feet.
I would have expected Margo to not be as naive as she was based on her background as a lawyer and having spent time in prison. She remained naive to Sal's leanings even after he told her directly.

Book Review
This story moved fairly well with a good bit of drama.  There was decent character development and the content provided was interesting.  There are still some holes in the story. Why was Sal so freely helping Margo? What was the wife's plan to take down Sal? How did the investigation end? What happened to Megan? to David? This story is clearly is meant to have a sequel, but I did not find mention of one anywhere yet. As oddly as it ended, I hope the author comes back to complete the story for her readers.
As far as the audio itself, the narrator did an excellent job and the production quality was excellent as well. The only odd thing to note about this book is its categorization as African American. Margo was not. Sal was not. I don't recall any of the characters at any point being or associated with African American culture. Italian yes.
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