Grand Opening 1 & 2: A Family Business Novel

Grand Opening 2: A Family Business Novel Grand Opening 2: A Family Business Novel by Carl Weber
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Travel back to a small Southern town where, before there was Duncan Motors, there were the Duncan brothers: Louis, aka Sweet Lou, a lover of ladies and life . . . and a man you did not want to cross; Lawrence, aka Larry, a screw-up as attracted to trouble as it was to him; and Lavernius, better known as LC, the soft-spoken college boy who simply wanted to sell cars. 

But the Duncan brothers weren’t alone at the crossroads. There was also the mysterious and seductive Chippy, a woman who saw a way out of her circumstances and dared to take it. 

Witness what changed the course of their lives when ambitions intersected with opportunity that came calling one day in the form of a man named Alejandro Zuniga. Welcome to the familiar, but as you’ve never seen it before.

The Review
I loved getting a glimpse at where it all started. Seeing LC & Chippy's first meeting. How the brothers' relationships evolved over the years to what they are in the current novels. While book two was not as exciting as the first book, I do like the family dynamic and the evolution of the Duncan family. The plot moved at a moderate pace. We got more background and insight into each of the moving parts of this story. I am still a fan of the Duncan brothers. The book stopped unexpectedly leaving us with a cliffhanger. I hope book 3 is not going to take to long to be published.

The narrators did a good job and the production quality was good as well.

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