Addicted to an Addict

Addicted to an Addict Addicted to an Addict by Honey Narrated by Dylan Ford
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In Honey's debut novel, a man must learn how to cope with his wife's heroine addiction while raising two daughters and being the mayor of Atlanta.

Atlanta's mayor, The Honorable Josiah J. Bishop, has an addiction to his wife, Mink, that is just as powerful as her toxic love affair with heroin. As her life spirals out of control due to her obsession with the needle, his love and devotion to her is slowly shredding his soul into tiny pieces. But he just can't let her go. The brotha's loyalty to the love of his life and the mother of his two young, adorable daughters is deeper than any ocean. No matter how far Mink drags Josiah down into the murkiness of drugs, booze, and danger on the streets of the ATL, he's determined to love, cherish, and honor her until death. He's hooked on her. It's just that simple. 
The only thing Mink is faithful to is her next fix. She'll cop it wherever she can and by any means, trying desperately to escape from the secret demons of her past that haunt her daily. Mink's troubled soul remains a prisoner of addiction, twirling violently like a tornado and destroying everything in its path. Not even the love of a good man can set her free from emotional bondage. 
As Election Day approaches, Josiah's bid to serve a second term in City Hall is jeopardized when Mink commits her most heinous act. The media is going wild to cover the tragic murder and robbery of one of Mink's fellow addicts, a wealthy and prominent Hollywood filmmaker who was more than generous to her after she left yet another treatment facility. She's on the run from justice, ignoring Josiah's pleas to turn herself in. 
Mink realizes that she's at the end of her rope, but Josiah isn't sure if he has any more forgiveness in his heart for his wife. He will always love her, but finally, he desires love in return. His addiction to Mink has blinded him of that one basic need all this time. Now Josiah has a decision to make. Will he stay in the clutches of addiction to the drug called Mink? Or will he kick the habit once and for all and free himself forever?

Book Review
A politician, Josiah Bishop, is running for Mayor of Atlanta. He is married to his college sweetheart, Mink and they have two small children. The oldest is six. Unbeknownst to anyone other than his twin, Jeremiah, Mink is a heroine addict. One who threatens Josiah's political future. As she spirals deeper and deeper into her addiction, she leaves her family traumatized in her wake. Even going to an extended stay rehab does nothing to deter her addiction, it only opens her to other vices and she leaves. It is her departure from this facility that causes the final act of shame to occur and Josiah to finally "wake up".
This was an interesting plot with solid characters. While there were a few lulls and poor transitions, this moderately paced audiobook was a decent listen. Dylan Ford did a fairly good job as well with the narration.  Get your copy here and don't forget to leave a review.

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