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She's Still The One Book Tour & Giveaway

    She's Still the One by Kaci Rose Genre: Contemporary, Billionaire Rockstar Romance Bro Code Rule #1 – You can’t have your best friend's younger sister. Austin What is it that guys I date don’t seem to understand what a causal relationship is? That doesn’t mean to propose to me. This is why I packed up everything into my car and I’m now heading to my brothers. Only he’s not there. His best friend Dallas is. Dammit, he’s the reason none of my relationships have worked out. I compare them all to how he treats me. When they go on tour and drag me along it’s hard to hide feelings in the small space of a tour bus. But my brother has made it very clear. Dallas is no good for me. We both risk losing my brother if we go any further. Dallas It sucks when you can’t have the one girl you love. When the band I started with Austin’s brother took off girls were easy. It was less messy having flings. Then she moves into the house with us. Even when her brother has made it perfectly clear

All the Cowboys Ain't Gone Reviewapalooza

  ALL THE COWBOYS AIN'T GONE BY JOHN J. JACOBSON Publisher: Blackstone Publishing Pages: 352 Pub Date: February 23, 2021 Categories: Historical Fiction / Action Adventure / Western Scroll for Giveaway! All the Cowboys  Ain’t  Gone   is the rollicking adventure story of Lincoln Smith, a young Texan living at the beginning of the twentieth century, who thinks of himself as the last true cowboy. He longs for the days of the Old West, when men like his father, a famous Texas Ranger, lived by the chivalric code. Lincoln finds himself hopelessly out of time and place in the fast-changing United States of the new century. When he gets his heartbroken by a sweetheart who doesn’t appreciate his anachronistic tendencies, he does what any sensible young romantic would do: he joins the French Foreign Legion.  On his way to an ancient and exotic country at the edge of the Sahara, Lincoln encounters a number of curious characters and strange adventures, from a desert hermit who can slow up time

KNOCK! KNOCK! Book Blitz & Giveaway

  KNOCK! KNOCK! Lessons Learned and Stories Shared  by DOUGLAS THOMPSON Categories: Nonfiction / Motivational Stories / Positivity / Relationship Building / Integrity / Time Management / Entrepreneurship Publisher: Lucid House Publishing Date of Publication: January 8, 2021 Pages: 154 Scroll down for giveaway! Knock! Knock! is a fast-paced, fun-filled journey through the author's career in sales that not only teaches you how to be better at selling but to also have a ton of fun while you are doing it. Knock! Knock! invites you to join Doug on what salespeople call "a ride along," which is where a senior salesperson shows a newbie the ropes. This book delivers a winning sales philosophy learned through years of experience and is illustrated by real-life stories that Doug shares -- along with multiple Knock-Knock Moments (or lessons and revelations learned) that have fueled his career and that he believes will help yours. Every one of us is in Sales. If you deal with peo

Cherry Punch Book Tour & Giveaway

    Cherry Punch by Marvin Mason Genre: Contemporary Romance, Urban Fiction A double cross sends a couple of friends on the adventure for their lives. A chance run in with an old friend becomes a run for their lives when Sherry Rose and Benny Freeman have a misunderstanding with local drug dealers. Witnessing the massacre of friends of Sherry's double crossing boyfriend leads them to be hunted down by corrupt law enforcement.  Having a near death experience gives them a chance to start a romance they never knew the other wanted.  Will they survive when the bad guys close in on them and finally find the love they always wanted? Goodreads * Amazon Marvin Mason has arrived as a refreshing new storyteller with this fun adventure of young people and African-American Midwest life, the seemingly quiet but oh-so interesting world that molded me but rarely shows up in the media." Kalisha Buckhanon, American Library Association ALEX Award-winning author of Upstate and Conception, wi

Casket Case Book Tour & Giveaway

    Casket Case The Cynthia Shade Mysteries Book 1 by Lee James Genre: Cozy Mystery Cynthia Shade. That's her name. She has ADHD and cynophobia. That's just a fancy way of saying she's terrified of dogs. Not all dogs mind you, just the tiny ones that come at you with their razor-sharp fangs and frenzied eyes. To make it worse, she can't find a job, rather, she can't keep a job, and she's about to be evicted. Just when she gets a glimmer of hope she's blackmailed into trying to solve a murder. Wait-what? Cue the handsome sheriff who awakens real interest in perpetually single Cynthia, and a cast of crazed suspects. One of whom is determined she doesn't make it out of this adventure alive. Goodreads * Amazon Lee James writes stories of hope and redemption. Whether it's fantasy, mystery or historical fiction, her beautifully awkward characters traverse a dark labyrinth on their journey to a hopeful end. She is vehement about the importance of creating