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Contract Wives

Contract Wives by Kesejour Beausejour Synopsis -  Meet Savannah Young, a well put together psychiatrist who believes that she has it all figured out. But, it doesn’t take long before her picture-perfect life is shattered once she finds out that not only has her husband been cheating on her, but he also has a baby on the way. After 20 years of marriage, Savannah finds herself having to start all over again. But, just when she thinks that she can handle being alone, she meets Mr. Cameron Hollis. Cameron is a head strong, sexy, self-made millionaire, who always gets what he wants, and he wants Savannah. Unbeknownst to her friends, Savannah leaves town with Cameron and comes back 90-days later a whole new woman with a new business opportunity for her girls. Will she be able to get them on board to participate in one of the oldest professions in the world, or will she risk it all and be left with nothing? Book Review -  "At the end of the day, only you and God know wha


Interstate! by Marvin Mason Synopsis -  Joshua Easton and Christian Buckman are two best friends going into their senior year of college who embark upon a road trip to help Joshua's cousin, Tina, move from a college dorm to an off-campus locale. Having been friends since the second grade, they know each other’s secrets. For Christian, it is an illness he has tried to hide, specifically from Joshua's cousin who he ditched on prom night. This is Christian's first face off with her since that fateful night four years ago. For Joshua, it is a domestic abuse situation between his parents that may call for him to take desperate measures. After Christian and Tina finally patch up their relationship, the two young men hit the road back home for a five-hour ride down the Interstate late at night where eight young Black men have recently disappeared. Will they make it back home or will they join the missing? Book Review - If you're not a fan of road

Black Girl Lost

Black Girl Lost by Demetria Poole Synopsis -  If someone would've told, me I would be madly in love with a 24-year-old King Pin. I wouldn't believe it. Blessed with a beautiful face and banging body, I was on a get-rich quick scheme. At 16, the path I was traveling was a fast road to nowhere, and Dre was the driver of my destruction. I was on a different plane to a different state or country to sleep with a different person every night. The money was pouring in like rain, and the drugs I would use to ease the pain were now just a thought in my head.To think, I dragged my best friends in this unforgiving world of crime was eating me up inside. Matchmaking gone wrong landed me at the bedside of one of the girls I loved most; praying for God to save her life. Book Review - The story delved into the life of  Shari Parks aka Chocolate and her journey into early adulthood. She had an unstable upbringing which led to her making unwise decisions during her critical tee

Enemies No More: An Enemies to Lovers Standalone

Enemies No More: An Enemies to Lovers Standalone by Jimi Gaillard-Jefferson Synopsis -  Him: She's the illusive part of a dream. Blink and wonder if she's real. Can beauty be that vivid? Can a mind be that sharp? A mouth that bold? She's everything I've ever been denied. She's everything I'm too afraid to say I want. She's here. Panther eyes. Hands-on mine. In mine. On me. She's better than a dream. Because she'll stay If I give it all up. Her: He's the man I liked too much to pity and wanted too much to ignore A harp played, a woman moaned her agonies and luxuries into a microphone and He had chocolate and Scotch in his hands when I told him I wanted him It was better than I imagined. He wants to hide us and everything we've become. Family, money, occupations, and career paths. There's too much at stake, he says. I am supposed to be his lifelong enemy. Not this. But I am me, and I am his Sacrifices will have to be made. B

It's a Work Thing

It's a Work Thing   by Michelle Karise Synopsis -  Garrett They call me the King of Dynex, the architect of the company’s crown jewel: the world’s largest scientific website. Half the company loves me, the other can’t stand me—when you’ve got your sights set on bigger things, it comes with the territory. Bonus: My ice-cold reputation hides my broken heart. If Dynex pulls off its upcoming public offering, my best friend and I will be swimming in corporate stock, free to launch our own company. Now more than ever, I need to be focused. I don’t need a distraction like Jasmine Carmichael, a gorgeous consultant with honey-almond skin and a killer smile. Jasmine Ever had any luck with dating apps? No? Girl, same. I don’t play games. One, my travel schedule as a consultant doesn’t allow it. And two, at the first hint I’m an old-fashioned girl in search of romance, I’m ghosted. I shouldn’t be attracted to six-three of citrine-eyed, muscular, urban sophistication

Even Roses have Thorns & other Love tales: A Short Story and Poetry Collection

Even Roses have Thorns & other Love tales: A Short Story and Poetry Collection by Brandon C. Brown   Synopsis -  Love comes in many forms and manifests differently for each of us. Join us as we explore the topic from the erotic to the extraterrestrial. One woman finds herself challenged in the aftermath of her crime of passion. One brother needs to refocus his attention on his lady after a hard day’s work… and she is glad to help him. In another tale, one young lady must decide whether to heed her mother’s warnings about love or to let herself fall and see for herself. Check out a lovely couple hungry for each other’s love, but has their appetite been spoiled by deceit? And another brother finds himself in the middle of an encounter that is truly out of this world. Grab this collection and choose your own adventure. Book Review -This collection of shorts was interesting as it showed singles and couples in various stages of love. Whether it was the hop

DND: Caught Up In His Love

DND: Caught Up In His Love by Tay Mo'Nae Synopsis -  Instagram model, party girl Luna Star had closed herself off to love. Content with her life as a local celebrity. She enjoys the fast life and didn’t see herself slowing down, until meeting Bash one night at the club. What was supposed to be one night between Bash and Luna Star turned into more than either of them were expecting. Being wrongfully imprisoned should have changed Bash, instead he gets out of jail determined to make things right in his life. After two years pass, he runs back into Luna, finding out a secret that’s going to rock his world. What Luna Star wasn’t expecting was Bash to be holding some secrets of his own. Once his secrets come to the light both of them are forced to fight the attraction, they have for one another. These two are tested in ways neither of them expected. Forced to fight temptation with outside forces trying to keep them apart. Find out how Luna Star was able to be Caught Up I

Basements & Blossoms: A Few Recollections of the Ugliness That Made My Life Beautiful

Basements & Blossoms: A Few Recollections of the Ugliness That Made My Life Beautiful   by Lana Reid Synopsis -  Life can be an up and down battle and it is in our most challenging times that we struggle to find the motivation to stay on the roller coaster ride and prove, not only to yourself but to onlookers as well, that we are indeed capable and resilient. In this motivational and inspiring memoir, Lana shares stories of her life that are fitted with unending lessons about facing the battles of the world. In a break from your traditional self-help books, Basements & Blossoms: A Few Recollections of the Ugliness That Made My Life Beautiful, provides empowering messages of self-discovery and personal growth while glancing at Lana’s own personal journey. You won’t forget the poignant true story of determination and a human spirit resolved to overcome! Book Review - I'm going to preface my comments by saying, I don't typically review nonficti

Snow White and the Savage

Snow White and the Savage   by Fatima Munroe Synopsis -  A pretty girl, seven savages, a jealous stepmother and a king…does their story end in happily ever after Cary Muhammed was a daddy’s girl, Miami’s most pampered princess. In the blink of an eye, a late-night tragedy snatches not only her fabulous life but the one man who loved her more than anything, leaving her with a stepmother who would stop at nothing to make Cary’s life a living hell. Every king needs a queen. Leonidas Payano, also known as King, was next in line for the trap throne in Miami. Growing up, he’d heard stories about how he and Cary would rule the streets together, but when that time came his queen was nowhere to be found. Years of dead ends and closed mouths later, Cary was found in Meridian, Mississippi. King’s seven savages are the goons at Cary’s disposal once she touched back down in the city. Yenni, Bash, Jaden, Duval, Killa, Santiago and Benny bust pistols at the drop of a dime on the queen’

The Water's Edge

The Water's Edge   by Martin Morton Synopsis - Claudia and Jack already have a strong and satisfying business relationship, but when Jack is offered a job that will take him to the other side of the world, it throws new and urgent light on their mutual attraction.  Claudia's unsatisfactory relationship with her husband and Jack's failing marriage propels them into a sudden and intense affair just before he leaves for Singapore.  They promise they will speak often and meet again as soon as they can. They also commit to being completely open and honest with each other. The brief, but intensely erotic experience with Jack releases a tumult of sexual desire within Claudia, and with Jack unavailable, she will need to look elsewhere to explore her boundaries. Claudia's journey into sex, submission, and sensuality is matched by Jack's adventures in dominance overseas. They share their most intimate discoveries over long-distance phone calls,

It's a Cover Reveal! Mischief Island by Daneal Brown

 IT'S A COVER REVEAL!!! Mischief Island by  Daneal Brown Synopsis                                             “Strengthen relationships with Insane O _ _ _ _ _ S” This ad in the daily newspaper was all it took for two couples to go on a vacation of a lifetime. “Time away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday grind can always bring two hearts back to one.” - Whit Lafleur The McDonald’s and The Lafluer’s seem to have it all -- a loving relationship, a wonderful home, and some awesome friends, that is always there for them no matter what. Lauren, the ambitious beauty, worked hard at her job, always bringing work home, trying to be recognized as more than just a pretty face. Unknowingly she was neglecting her husband Leroy in the bedroom and it began pushing him towards a young beauty at his job. With Whit working more overtime than he’s ever worked in their twenty-plus years of marriage to his loving wife Suzanne the spontaneity in their sex life was slowly fading away. Wit

Love Triggers: Kente & Sanala

Love Triggers: Kente & Sanala   by Serene Arie                                                            Synopsis I was raised to kill. The Old Man groomed us to be cold-cut hit-for-hires, to take lives without a question. I’ve lived that life for years, played with death quite a few times, and survived. Now I’m on a new path of life and experiences, the road to love. And just when I’ve got my heart set on a woman that I want, the life I left behind comes knocking. I will do everything that I can not open that door, but when she’s put in harm’s way, there’s no question as to what I’m going to do. The only question is, will death finally win, or, for the sake of love, will I come out on top?                                                                                                                     Book Review We meet Sanala and Kente in this action-packed story.  Kente wants to leave the life of crime behind when he meets Sanala, who has just got

Lead Me Into Love

  Synopsis Jade and Eli have been dating for a year now as they get into their mid-20’s, both deeply in love with each other. Despite how perfect the relationship seems, Jade has severe trust issues after being cheated on during her last relationship. No matter how sweet and romantic Eli is toward her, she is suspicious of him, sneaking around to check his phone and social media profiles for any proof that he is unfaithful. She never finds anything, but she is so broken from her last relationship that she can’t help but worry. Their trust of each other is in shambles. Suddenly, Eli’s best friend since they were just boys, Lucas, is wrongfully shot and killed by a police officer. The town is enraged, calling for justice, and Eli is right in the middle of it. This incident tests Jade's inner strength and love for Eli. Will she be led by love or fear? Book Review We meet Jade and Eli in this story of finding yourself and overcoming fears set amongst the injustices of this world.  Jade