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70% DARK INTENTIONS Bean to Bar Mysteries Book 2 Book Blitz & Giveaway

  70% DARK INTENTIONS Bean to Bar Mysteries Book 2 by AMBER ROYER Categories: Cozy Mystery / Woman Sleuth / Romance Publisher: Golden Tip Press Date of Publication: July 20, 2021 Number of Pages: 260 pages Scroll down for Giveaway! An Idyllic Chocolate Shop. An island with endangered species. And a murder.   Felicity  Koerber’s  bean to bar chocolate shop on Galveston’s historic Strand is bringing in plenty of customers – in part due to the notoriety of the recent murder of one of her assistants, which she managed to solve. Things seem to be taking a turn for the better. Her new assistant, Mateo, even gets along with Carmen, the shop’s barista turned pastry chef. Felicity thinks she’s learning to cope with change – right up until one of her friends gets engaged. Everyone’s expecting her to ask Logan, her former bodyguard, to be her plus one. But even the thought of asking out someone else still makes her feel disloyal