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Mental Health & You w/ Author K.L. Howard

Welcome  & Happy Holiday!   This is Author KL Howard. Mental health is very vital to our  existence. Any slight alteration to the mindset can create an unforeseen set of chain reactions that could have you traveling through life in a wormhole. Well, before we jump into how to Mental Health Wellness. Let me introduce myself. I am the mother of two awesome boys that keep me on my toes physically and academically. They have brought me so much joy through life’s struggles. By profession, I have been a Math Educator for 18 years. I have degrees in Business Management and Education. I have attended Georgia Southern University (Bachelors in Middle Grades Education),  Grand Canyon University (Bachelors and Master’s in Business Management with an emphasis in Leadership) and Capella University (Educational Specialist Degree in Curriculum & Instruction). I have passions in music, dance, and my love for God. I am the proprietor of Elevated Mindset Tutoring LLC and the author of Tap In A Bo

Author Appreciation Video Series w/ Jeremy Lahar

MEET JEREMY LAHAR Houston police officer Jeremy Lahar (author), along with former police officer Steven Baltazar(illustrator), has created the Officer Friendly Book Series by using his background and influence to help combat negative stigmas associated with law enforcement. Interacting with police has been a scary experience for some. While images of police brutality plague the media, children are often impacted. Lahar draws on his experience in education and love of public speaking and community involvement and the engaging illustrations created by Baltazar are hoping readers can connect with Officer Friendly as he takes on scary police officers while using his childhood experiences growing up in Houston's northside community called Studewood to bridge the gap between law enforcement and children from all backgrounds. I was so engaged in the interview  that I forgot to ask my final question " Are you or do you feel that you are actively living in your purpose?".   Office

Author Appreciation Video Series Day 9 w/ Douglas S. Pierce

MEET DOUGLAS S. PIERCE Douglas S. Pierce is a son, husband, and father who lives in the Metro Detroit area with his wife Patricia (of more than 25+ years), two Shiba Inus (Akira and Yuna), and a black cat named Harley. He is a proud veteran of the United States military and a practicing pagan. Raised on weekly trips to libraries and bookstores, Doug has had a lifelong love affair with the kind of stories that inspire hope, kindness, and love.  Thank you for allowing me the chance to get to you know a little better in an informal setting. Join me for an informal chat with Author Renee A. Moses.  You can support by making use of the links below and leaving a book review for the author.       '     Connect with the Author at anyone of the platforms below.  Facebook  |    Instagram: @douglasspiercebooks  | Twitter:  @douglasspierce3 Clubhouse:  @ douglasspierce | Website  |    Patreon  |  Email:                                                              

Author Appreciation Video Series Day 8 w/ Renee A. Moses

MEET RENEE A. MOSES Renée is from the best city on the planet —Houston. She resides there with her three kids. She writes fiction based on African American characters. Renée creates stories with relationship drama that can easily be found in many households. Love is tested through many phases which are found within the pages of her books. New love or established love, Renée captures the genuine connections in Black Love and Black Family. Publishing her first book in 2018, Two Lefts, One Right, Renée has written several books in two series. Turns in Love series and the Harris Sisters series. All of which depict strong Black women and the men who love them. The family dynamic plays a role in each story because the Black Family is vital in our lives. Renée wants readers to see themselves or recognize someone they know in her characters. If she can make you laugh, gasp, think, or even cry, then her mission will be accomplished. Thank you for allowing me the chance to get to you know a litt

Author Appreciation Video Series Day 7 w/ J. Cerrone Smith

MEET J. CERRONE SMITH J. Cerrone is a native of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with roots in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois and Harlem, New York City. He penned his first literary work, “Prodigal,” at age nineteen, but rewrote the book over ten years later, because of its true-to-life content. Though gainfully employed in corporate America, J. Cerrone felt pressured to turn to the streets to help make ends meet for his family. After serving both jail time and time on house arrest, he paved a fresh path for himself and founded Paper-Chase Publications. He also completed his second book, “Illegal Life: A North Philly Story.” In addition to being being a father, an author, entrepreneur, music lover and former deejay, J. Cerrone is an avid reader and lists Donald Goines and Mario Puzo among his favorite authors. Thank you for allowing me the chance to get to you know a little better in an informal setting. Join me for an informal chat with Author J. Cerrone.  You can support

Author Appreciation Day 6 w/ Kim K.

​ MEET AUTHOR KIM K. Kim K. has always been intrigued with intriguing plots and captivating storylines.  By the time she reached college, writing became second nature. Years later, she finally decided to formally publish her works for the world to see.  What sets her apart from others is her keenness on delving into unexpected topics that center around intimate moments. Her past books have addressed depression, sibling rivalry, mental disabilities, body size controversy, the importance of therapy, interracial love, discovering individual sexuality and more.    Thank you for allowing me the chance to get to you know a little better in an informal setting. Join me for an informal chat with Author Kim K. You can support by making use of the links below and leaving a book review for the author.   All of her published books can be found on the  Amazon platform  under  Kimisha Alexander or Kim K . She can be found on social media as  Authoress Kim K                    

Author Appreciation Day 5 w/ Brandie Nikole

MEET BRANDIE NIKOLE Brandie Nikole always loved the experience of living through written word. As a young girl, and still today she loves reading books, blogging, and writing poetry. Inspired by various forms of literature; erotica, paranormal, urban fiction, romance novels etc. Brandie decided to take her love and imagination to greater heights and begin writing. After getting bored with the same type of plots and endings, Brandie was encouraged and inspired by those around her to write her own book, prompting her to face her fears resulting in the completion of her first published novel, His Favorite Girl . In the words of Toni Morrison, “If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it.” Brandie Nikole, currently resides in Waxahachie, TX with her phenomenal husband and three amazingly exceptional children. Brandie loves and lives adventurous activities, when a person says, "Think outside the box!" that describes her


  PERFECT PAYBACK The Pepperman  Mystery Series by BY BILL BRISCOE COVER REVEAL Genre: Fiction Categories: Mystery / Thriller / Suspense Expected Publication: February, 2022 Number of Pages: 250 pages  When Jim and Laura Pepperman find a musty German Olympic jacket and an old journal in their attic, they stumble onto a gripping pre-World War II story of a cousin Jim knows nothing about. After a career-ending injury forces Hans Pepperman to lose his spot on the 1936 Olympic boxing team, he trades his athletic aspirations for a degree in mechanical engineering and secures his dream job working for the famous Willy Messerschmitt. Tasked to solve the stalling issues of the BF109 fighter plane engine, Hans finds himself smack in the middle of the Abwher Intelligence Service’s radar. Pro-Germany but anti-Nazi, he reluctantly agrees to help flush out the spy leaking secret information on the BF109 engine to foreign agencies . . . and finds himself a su

Author Appreciation Video Series - Day 4 w/ Author E. Bowser

MEET AUTHOR E. BOWSER I, Author E. Bowser, have always wanted to write stories that people would love to read. I began writing in the late ’90s just for fun and would have my family or friends read my short stories to hear their feedback. I love to read and take great pleasure in doing so. I started writing short stories about life, anything horror or paranormal, or fantasy because I never could get enough of it. I love writing about strong women fighting for what they believed in and solving any mystery that happens. I have always loved to write whatever my imagination can come up with and expand on it. I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by its influence on people and the decisions they make in life. I love engaging with the projects I work on, diving headfirst into the research, investigation, and production of stories I feel are worth writing about. I am a curious and proactive Author, interested in writing what I love. Writing paranormal, horror, fantasy,

Author Appreciation Video Series - Day 3 w/ Author Quardeay

 MEET AUTHOR QUARDEAY  I have the pleasure of shining the spotlight on the multi-talented best selling author of Lil Mama from the Trenches and super creative simply known as Quardeay. He is an Author, Designer, Podcaster, Bartender, and future Screenwriter. To date, he has published more than 30 titles with his latest being a collaboration with fellow author Cyn Alexander , titled Endlessly Mine which is sure to set your pulse racing and your heart swooning. Join me for a few minutes to discover or re-discover little more about this engaging talent who has more to share with the creative community through his love of the writing world and the company he works for (TMP), which is astronomical. Thank you for allowing me the chance to get to you know a little better in an informal setting. Join me for an informal chat with Author Quardeay.  You can support by making use of the links below and leaving a book review.  You can connect with the author on his Amazon Author Page   or on s

Author Appreciation Video Series - Day 2 w/ Author Monica Walters

 MEET MONICA WALTERS ​ Starting with poetry, writing has always been a constant in Monica's life. The interest began in her teenage years, being in love for the first time. Her love for writing has only progressed. Song lyrics and poetry led to  s hort stories, then one day in her down time, a short story became a full-length novel. It has been non-stop since then. Being a wife and mother, has only added to the joys of Monica's life. Attaining a BS in Sociology, helping her better understand people and their behaviors, has only helped her become a better writer, understanding characters and their complex personalities. Romance of all types has been her passion, and she plans to continue honing her skills in that genre. Thank you Monica for allowing me the chance to get to you know a little better in an informal setting. Join me for an informal chat with Author Monica Walters.    You can find her work at Amazon or Goodreads  and don't forget to leave a review.  Find her on

Author Appreciation Video Series - Day 1 w/ Author Untamed

                               Meet Untamed I got the chance to have an informal chat with one of the most entertaining Authors on social media.  She is an author, poet, mother, wife and an unstoppable force that is making her way in the entertainment world one book and indie film at a time. Untamed brings about enlightenment and amusement through real-life, everyday stories with resonating characters. This Cum Laude graduate of UMUC attributes her passion for the literary arts to her magnet school educational background. Her unique style of writing landed her awards such as Coca-Cola Young Writers Award and UBAWA's Top 100 Authors 2018. Her creative talents afforded opportunities with SWAG Magazine, Boss Magnet Media, and a multi-book deal with Urban Books. As an expert movie quoter with a hankering for the 90s, Untamed resides in Georgia and relishes family time with her husband and children. She continues to push the creative envelope--delivering content that is unapologetically

My Name is Mary Magdalene Release Day Spotlight

                                          BOOK RELEASE SPOTLIGHT My Name is Mary Magdalene  by  JC Miller Genre: Black/African-American/Fiction  Publisher:    Jess, Mo' Books LLC  Publication Date December 7, 2021                                                                                SYNOPSIS Plagued by a lifelong curse of mental illness, Mary Magdalene finds herself spending her golden years in a mental asylum. Her once zealous life becomes minimized to an endless routine of over-stimulating antipsychotic drugs. That is until Salmone Abrams, a hidden jewel from her past, resurfaces and helps her remember who she once was—The Queen of Harlem. Madame Mary Mags.                                                                                      BOOK REVIEW This story focuses on the life of Mary Magdalene. She was born on the floor in a sharecropper's cabin. A birth that took her mother's life and set the tone for hers. The author takes us through  Mary's traumati


  IF A BUTTERFLY SERIES: BOOK 1 - CHRYSALIS BOOK 2 - EMERGENCE by MICHAEL SIROIS Genre: Mainstream / Literary Fiction Publisher: Flio Widdix Publishing Date of Publication:  December 11 , 2021 Scroll down for Giveaway! Nine Characters + One Butterfly = Chaos Theory.  The series, If a Butterfly, is a bit like Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon (if Kevin just happened to be a butterfly). A Monarch butterfly, during its epic migration from Canada to Mexico, intersects the paths of a few people, and their lives and the lives of others are altered forever.  In Chrysalis , the first book in the series, nine different characters embark on a variety of journeys, some of distance, and others while staying right where they are. What do a scientist, a married couple on a vacation, a woman who hears voices no one else hears, a grad student, a quilter, a radio deejay, a teacher, and an astronaut all have in common? A