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Number Ten

Number Ten by Robin Hawdon My rating: 3  of 5 stars SYNOPSIS Unknown forces attempt to assassinate radical new British Prime Minister, James Torrence. No-one knows whether they were organised by business magnates, criminal oligarchs, or jihadist extremists, all of whom are threatened by his rule. What is known is that they are getting information from inside Number Ten Downing Street. Paul Gunter, bright young member of the PM's staff, is arrested by MI5 in the middle of the night, and finds himself falsely implicated in the assassination attempt. He has to fight for his life against all involved parties, using his inside knowledge of Downing Street processes, and the reluctant help of senior staff member, Andrea Holt, to extricate himself. Will the pair survive against vastly superior forces? Will James Torrence and his fragile government endure amidst the revelations? Will love win out against political intrigue? Suspense, romance, and high action ranging acro

The Contract 2

The Contract 2 by Untamed My rating: 5 of 5 stars                            SYNOPSIS With Hosea out of the picture, Camilla flees determined to start life anew. When she finds out her new life includes a parting gift from Hosea, she has no choice but to safeguard her new life from her old one. Despite her bright future, the secrets of the past torment Camilla. And her former life with Hosea may prove to reach beyond the grave. Especially when a new contract by an unknown source is put in place. Nothing is safe in this twisted game of deceit and betrayal, but one thing is certain... a day of reckoning is coming. BOOK REVIEW The authors delivered a story full of drama and action. I had not read part one, so I was missing a little bit of the history behind the characters, but it didn't detract from how entertaining this sequel was for me. The plot was clear and well organized. The characters were developed and had great chemistry. The action was as intense. as t

Me, You, & A Married Man

Me, You, & A Married Man by Pledge My rating: 3 of 5 stars SYNOPSIS With the recent death of her boyfriend, Registered Nurse Symone Tate has been in a slump, until she met Derrick, the most attractive man she's ever saw. Unfortunate for her, Farrah, Derrick's wife, is suffering from cancer and is in her care. As situations heat up between Derrick and Symone, she must decide whether she is going to help Farrah fight for her life or leave her to die, for Derrick, BOOK REVIEW This was my first read by this author. The story centers around Symone, a young nurse who recently lost the love of her life. She comes to find out that he betrayed her in the worst way while committing a similar betrayal with someone. What worked for me was the story itself. It is one that touches home for those who have experienced betrayal by those who "love" them. Pledge does a good job of setting the scene and laying out the plot and filling it with relevant content

Bookstagrammer Theresa R. of Between the Covers Literary shares her Top 5 Reads of 2019

  I’m so excited to share my bookstagram journey today with you via KayBee's Bookshelf! This community has been so warm and welcoming and I appreciate so many other Bookstagrammers before me that made this all possible and for all the inspiration. My name is Theresa, Bookstagrammer at @Betweenthecovers_literary and I have been an avid reader and writer since childhood. I remember diving into books seriously at the age of 12, where I began my urban fiction collection of novels. I remember reading Flyy Girl and being completely immersed and blown away and the rest is history. Off and On through the years, I have read mostly urban fiction, urban romance, and contemporary fiction, which also happens to be some of my favorite genres to read. I also enjoy Non-Fiction, Christian Fiction and Self-Help sprinkled in between. When I began my bookstagram journey, I was coming out of a serious bout of depression and anxiety and reading was one of my coping skills. The more I read and immers

The Real Hoodwives of Detroit

The Real Hoodwives of Detroit by India My rating: 4 of 5 stars SYNOPSIS Welcome to Detroit, Michigan, home of the grittiest, illest, most hardcore, crime-infested, poverty-stricken neighborhoods in the country. It's sometimes referred to as the Murder Capital because of the huge murder rate that never ceases to surprise us, the Murder Mitten, or the Dirty Glove because of the state's shape on the US map.  Detroit is home to many scholars, rappers, athletes, and concerned citizens, but the streets belong to those in the underworld - addicts, dealers, and the women who help run the show from behind the scenes...The Real Hoodwives of Detroit! No, you won't see these ladies on any television show, but you will see them make appearances in court for their mans' hearing, or at the county jail on visiting day. You might even catch them riding shotgun, with a nine tucked in their Fendi bag, waiting to pop off and protect their men at any cost. And of cours

Holidays With A Hood Boy

Holidays With A Hood Boy by Taylor B My rating: 3  of 5 stars                            SYNOPSIS Unlike most kids, Heiress Hunter grew up with an absent mother who selfishly valued her time in the streets over her kids. Leaving her daughter's fathers to pick up her slack, unfortunately for Heiress her father got lost in the throes of drug addiction forcing her to not only care for herself, but him as well. Heiress learns at an early age that she can't depend on anyone other than herself which allows her to sharpen both her abandonment and pride issues. When B.J. Harrison steps in her cross hairs while coping with his own battle with pride sparks begin to fly. They opt to focus on developing a bond throwing titles and boundaries in the wind. When B.J. is released from jail three years later, Heiress is still angry and hurt at his absence. The same pride that brought them together now threatens to rip them apart.                                            

My First Time with an L.A. Savage

My First Time with an L.A. Savage by Kia M. My rating: 3 of 5 stars SYNOPSIS Diamond Evans isn't your typical twenty-three-year-old. At her young age, she has already graduated early from University of California at Los Angeles. Though she is considered grown in age, she isn’t viewed as an adult through the lens of her great auntie who has raised her ever since her mom neglected her. Due to her great auntie's strict rules and controlling ways, her favorite thing to do in her free time is volunteer at the homeless shelter. After all, it is the only thing she can do without her great aunt trying to dictate her life, which she does regardless. But what happens when Diamond Evans rebels by getting her first taste of freedom? She ends up at a club after being dared by her best friend, Maya. That particular night changes her life forever, in more ways than she could ever imagine. While at Los Angeles most popular nightclub, she has an unpleasant encounter with De

She Gave Her All to the Hood’s Finest 4

She Gave Her All to the Hood’s Finest 4 by Shvonne Latrice My rating: 4 of 5 stars                      SYNOPSIS In the final installment, Tony Wacko learns that the woman he thought was riding for him may have gotten off long ago. The girl he loves and thought he knew may not be who she's claimed to be all along, and the off-kilter, slightly deranged bad boy doesn't know how to take it. On top of such a disclosure, Wacko must deal with long standing enemies, one of them being the almighty law, and his ever short temper. Will he make it through with his freedom, reputation, and relationship in tact? Or will he ruin it all like what's expected of him, leaving the promising yet certified gangsta heartbroken, shunned, and behind bars? Tony Wacko isn't the only one due for a surprise, Camarih herself gets a shock of her own after paying closer attention to those she's tried to leave in the past. Additionally she must face her love's every growing

Bad Girls Love Trap N*ggas

Bad Girls Love Trap N*ggas by Taniece My rating: 3 of 5 stars                                SYNOPSIS Mahari was dealt a bad hand ever since she was nine years old when she witnessed her mother’s gruesome murder. Being placed in a group home wasn’t her ideal place to live, but she soon grew to love it because that’s how she met her best friend Glamour. Now a grown woman, her mission is to become some trapper’s Bonnie, but what happens when she meets the smooth-talking and persistent Vonnie Kross? Vonnie isn’t just you’re average trapper. In fact, he is one of the most paid suppliers in the Atlanta streets that every woman craves to get a taste of. Ever since his father grew ill and died, he dropped his dreams of ever going off to college and took over the family business. Everything in his life is sweet, or so he thinks. The moment he decides to pursue Mahari, his entire world goes into a spiral. Glamour is one of the best makeup artists in Atlanta and the ultimate p