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Inhaled by Isabelle Duval

This fictionalized memoir is read as a dark tale of desperation. A tale of what happens when we ignore our own voices and allow others to lead us blindly ignoring the warning signs right in front of us. The lead character, Isabelle,  was not the strongest heroine, but this worked in the authors favor to show the reader how flawed and raw life can be in similar circumstances. She, as many of us do, waffled between action and inaction constantly.  The desperation for intimacy led her down an unsafe path with a truly dangerous man. The author uses very descriptive, often times extremely wordy, passages to pull the reader into the moment. For me,  this was the reason I could not connect with any of the characters or specifically the plight of our heroine. I was distracted by unnecessary details and confusing transitions.  The action got lost in a flourish of adjectives.  In between the flow of beautiful words a vital piece of information would be offered to us as if we were already aw

Craved by Tabitha Sharpe

T his story packed an emotional punch. Told from a third party POV, you felt like a voyeur in the lives of Korina, Gino and those who would enter their lives. You felt the pain in Korina, even when she chose what many deem a coward's way of handling the end of a relationship. I think no one respected the fact that Gino was honest about his feelings with Korina. They weren't exclusive and he was openly dating someone else and basically told Korina that he loved her, but she wasn't for him.  I think the author did a good job of showing how our own expectations of situations aid in causing our own pain. Korina's path to Dream was a pleasant surprise. All in all, this novella was well written with interesting characters and the potential for a sequel.  Now let's get you that book! Reviewed by KayBee #justmytwocents

A Warlock's Kiss by Marie-Claude Bourque

The relationship between  Kerela, a black panther shifter, and Diesel, a warlock, suffers after the death of her mother. She blames him for failing her the night of her mother's death. This tragedy begins the angst, anger, and manipulations by the two. Diesel needs something from Kerela to save his sister. And she wants to find her mother's killer.  The two characters are forced together to fight a common enemy. They learn they are a strong and formidable unit when fighting the enemy and saving his sister. The story moved along at a quick pace.  You can't pack a lot into short stories, but I think the author did a good job setting up the series with this entry. (I voluntarily received this book  in exchange for an honest review ) Now let's get you that book! Reviewed by KayBee

Dark Inheritance by PB Lawson

Detective Doug McKenna struggles to solve a series of strange killings. The victims had their throats seemingly slashed yet there was no blood to be found at any crime scene nor did the victims appear on the face of things to be related in any way.  This is a psychological thriller, mystery, and fantasy albeit a dark one.  The history element was woven into the complicated story seamlessly. The author tells the story through the eyes and voice of several characters. I enjoyed gaining insight into the killer's mind, which I found was not whom I thought it was.  The author has a way of drawing you into the story with his descriptive phrasing. When the Detective puts things together and makes the connections between the characters, the killings story finally came together and your "ah ha" moment happens, you are relieved it's over and yet you still want a bit more. A solid plot, good characters, twists, murder, and one heck of killer made this a good read for me

Butterfly Bitch by Wahida Clark & Michael A. Robinson

This story was an okay listen, but it didn't quite gel for me. I kept wondering where are we going with this story, or what the purpose of a few characters was as I listened. Mr Gates as a narrator in your story is a win for you. However, there were certain words in the story that were incorrectly used. For example, a man coming down from an orgasm was described as "once he expired". Expired implies death, so when the character started talking in the story I realized once again the author used the incorrect word. There was enough character development that I felt I knew who the main characters were and the story kept a steady pace. But this story lacked that "oomph" that is needed to make it a good or great story. You didn't care about the outcome of any of the characters OR the end of the story. I feel like there was a missed opportunity to make the Butterfly character interesting.  The ending didn't appear to be an ending at all. Much like

Real Wifeys series by Meesha Mink

This post is a review of all 3 books in the urban fiction series. I re-listened to them on audible. Book 1- On the Grind The foolish had hard lessons to be learned in this installment. This was Goldie's story and you either loved her or hated her. The author gave us a decent variety of interesting characters with good backstories encased in a good storyline. The author did - in my opinion- a good job of depicting the “young and indestructible attitude” so many have in their youth. The importance of education, self-love, and determination & what could happen when you lack them the ending packed a punch. There were times when the story was a bit "wordy" due to a lot of repetitive monologues. Honey Jones', the narrator, sleepy delivery relaxed me so much that I did nod a time or two as I listened lol. Sorry Book 2 - Get Money No lesson's learned for this heroine. This is Luscious' story. I struggled a little with this book. not because the char

Chaos: I found love in a thug by Samantha Denise

This was my first series by this author.  She gives us a 2 part series that guides us through Lorenzo "Zou" Carter finding his future, Kanoa Richards and everything and everyone he's willing to "handle" to keep his future in place and happy.  He's an Alpha man, professional businessman and criminal Kingpin. Kanoa's past experiences have jaded her view of the world and people.  But, when they meet Zou "sees his future in her eyes" and sets out to prove that he is worthy to be her man. The story is filled with action, drama, passion, delicious revenge & violence. Some of the violence will stand out because it was not just your regular shoot'em scenes and I loved it! Let's just say Lorenzo's not called Zou for nothing.  Mix all that in with vengeful exes, best friends and family and you have a series that was so engaging and so well structured that you hated to see it end.  You can tell the author took her time to deliver

Hit or Miss by Latrice Scott

I am a little on the fence with this story. One the concept of a girl looking for a "come up" was not new, but it can make for an entertaining read if executed properly. However, in the case of this particular story, it is one of missed potential. I think the story was structured fairly well, and the storyline was clear. There were a few interesting characters. While they were not fully developed, the characters still had potential. Throw in some violence, an instance of loving the wrong person, betrayal and being blamed for a murder and you have the story. Unfortunately, execution is where this story was a miss for me. There was quite a bit of unnecessary detail included that added very little to the story and caused it to lag in several places. Once all the events begin to come together, it ends. I hope the author finds her footing in book 2 and allows the story to live up to its potential. Now, let's get you that book! Please leave a review for the author on

In the Heart of a Valentine by Stephanie Nicole Norris

v (This post is in regards to Books 1-5 of the series.) Book 1 - No Holds Barred Hunter & Camille One a millionaire playboy. The other a charming news anchor. The chemistry is combustible. And Hunter waste no time endearing himself to Camilla. All other women are forgotten and he sets about soothing her fears and proving he is the man for her. Camilla's ex, who jilted her twice, makes an appearance and added the potential for some interesting drama. It could have been left out of the story and not affected how it was received.  I can honestly say that what initially pulled me was Travis Cure on the cover Book 2 - A Risqué Engagement Xavier & Corrine This story picked up where exactly where book 1 left off  This Valentine brother's intensity leapt off the page. You could almost feel what Corrine felt. The author certainly got my attention. She also did a better job of incorporating a little drama to spice up the story. And that Marvin Bi

I'll never let you go by Octavia Grant

You know as soon as I saw the cover I knew I was in for some drama…back up as soon as I saw Ms. Grant released a new book, I knew I was in for some crazy drama. It was confirmed after what Damien did to the birds…lol This is the story of the relationship between Damien and Persia and the obstacles they encounter. It touches on mental instability, matricide, homicide & adultery. While those things appear like normal elements in an urban (fiction) drama, the way Ms. Grant weaves the story of these two meeting innocently in their youth and letting young love development to the fallout from Damien's actions that lead them to their final (?) confrontation leaves you with more than a few "what the fudge?" moments.  As a reader, I also appreciated that the grammatical errors were minimal. Often times in e-books, a rush to release material or the lack of resources causes some work to be released with numerous errors.  This was not the case with this project. Ther

Love Burn by Ashley Antoinette

I listened to this story on Audible. Books 1 through 3 were combined as one. Honey Jones' casual, almost sleepy, delivery worked. She delivered on her performance. It’s hard to put a lot of character and plot development in short stories. That statement remained true for this story. None of the characters had any particular growth from book 1 to book 3. This story said a lot and yet nothing at the same time. It was short on action and heavy on inner monologues, which felt like nothing more than fillers that took up 75% of the book. It was interesting to see how the HIV storyline would play out being that the author didn't rely on the typical drug usage or homosexual encounters which is always the go-to reason as to how someone has contracted the disease. Noni, the heroine, was a weak woman who spent much of her time proclaiming that she couldn't live without a man. She wore her thirst like a coat of armor. I didn't quite understand what was appealing about her to me

Vindicated by Tasha Macklin

I listened to this book on Audible (5hrs and 32 mins) and was completely drawn into the story within the first few minutes. I.... was..... hooked.   The intro hits you hard and the story kept going from there until you are left with your mouth open waiting on part 2.   Mr. Gates served up an excellent performance, but I expected nothing less from him. This book had at all of the key elements needed to make a book a standout. There was action, consistent plot movement ( no lulls), drama, interesting characters & violence that made sense in the world it was set.  The "hero" was not only a flawed man, brutal in his business & family dealings but one that you secretly rooted for when it comes time for his vengeance. The author did a fantastic job of also portraying mental illness by weaving it into the character's storyline slowly and deliberately. When the illness finally manifests itself for others to see, you felt their fear and confusion.   I appre

The Marriage Bed by Lakisha Johnson

If you don't like Christian books, you won't like this story. It was heavy on scripture and little else. The story centers around infidelity in a marriage and the ways it can be defiled.  I think what was written was done well.  The sermons or prayers were thought out, well written and relevant to the topic.  However, with every other page being a full prayer or sermon that lasted 2 to 3 pages that left little room for me as a reader to connect with the husband and wife who should have been the focal point of the story and not the prayers. I would have like to have the characters more developed. I think this would have helped minimize the repetitive dialogue between the two. I would have liked to spend more time getting to know the characters and watching them develop instead of feeling preached to every other page. This is not a bad thing. It just tells me this book was not for me, at least not at that time I read it.  All that being said if Christian fiction is a genre

the Billionaire's Perfect match by Erica Davis

In, the Billionaire's Perfect match by Erica Davis, Billionaire heir Blake meets his one in a million in Lea.  The relationship was not an instant-love situation, but it progressed very quickly. Within 7 weeks, a bet was made to gain a fortune, feelings developed, true colors were revealed, a couple of cease and desists were issued, death and then declarations of love occurred.  Skip to 6 months letter they were married and a bet was made with a former friend that the marriage wouldn't last……the end….And before you ask, yes the story ended just as quickly and abruptly. The ending, awkwardly as it appeared, implies a book 2, as does the title, I couldn’t find it. I actually would like to see what happens. The author packed a lot into the story by staying on the surface of activity and potential drama. But, she did manage to give us pretty developed characters.   However, her story only took up 60% of the book. The second story was a short BWWM pregnancy romance titled

Of Ash & Angels by KC Decker

Justin & Norah- My first thought was this cover was sexy. Justin right off the bat had me swooning and wishing he had not been dealing with the issues he had on his plate.  I think when he met Norah they were perfect for each other from the onset. Her personality was genuine and their connection to me was almost immediate. I liked the complexity of the characters and the way the author developed them.  The relationship wasn't quick easy. There were games being played I won't say by whom. One thing that I didn't particularly care for was the POV's that offered the repetitive conversation.  I don't want to go into too much detail and give away too much. I definitely enjoyed the story.  I think it was structured well with a swoon-worthy plot. (I voluntarily received this book in exchange for an honest review.) Now let's get you that book! Reviewed by KayBee #justmytwocents

Fallin' for a Black Billionaire by Bianca

Fallin' for a Black Billionaire by Bianca I really, really enjoyed this short story. You had a bit of angst, hot sex, drama, and a touch of violence. This was a feel good story and I felt just that when it was over.....good.  The author did a good job of setting up the plot and it was interesting to read how she put them in position to meet, and then to watch the evolution of their romance kept me on edge. This author always give us her readers developed characters. You know who they are, their motivations and how they will react. She doesn't just tell us who they are. She shows us through their actions. The story moved quickly and efficiently.  I wanted more and thankfully Ms. Bianca took pity us and gave us a sequel. Now let's get you that book! Reviewed by KayBee #justmytwocents #ilovereading #bookaholic #bookaddict#blogger #booklove#bookstagrammer #bookstagram #literarygoodness #1click #read #review #kaybeesbookshelf #authors #fiction #amazon #goodread

Little Black Girl Lost by Keith Lee Johnson

Little Black Girl Lost  by  Keith Lee Johnson My rating:  3 of 5 stars This book entertaining from the onset. The author gave us a glimpse into 1950s New Orleans and what some "pretty girls" had to endure. From the selling of virginity to forced prostitution to murder to race riots to reverse colorism. The characters were well developed. You felt their emotions jump out at you. You felt Johnnie's terror at 12 years old and her grown woman "innocence" at 16. The story was so well written that you couldn't wait to see what happened next. Even the mundane conversations between Lucas and his women when he was being questioned in a painstakingly slow manner didn't deter me. ........on to book 2. p.s. I listened to this on audible and the narrator Beresford Bennett did an excellent job. Now let's get you that book! Reviewed by KayBee #justmytwocents #ilovereading #bookaholic #bookaddict#blogger #booklove#bookstagrammer #bookstagram #literary

Best Friends Forever by Linette King

Best Friends Forever by Linette King This was an interesting take on how a killer is created. The "best friend's" background was very descriptive and gave me a good sense of the "why" behind her actions. As sheltered as the heroin was portrayed, the leap off the deep end happened very easily with no indecision or angst. There really seemed to be no in-between. You will kill or be a doormat with no in between. The story was very busy and that made it a little difficult to connect with any of the characters, but that's the risk you run with a short story. The being said the story was interesting, clearly structured and developed......well as much as it could be do to its length. Now let's get you that book! Be sure to leave a review for the author on Amazon. Reviewed by KayBee #justmytwocents #ilovereading #bookaholic #bookaddict#blogger #booklove#bookstagrammer #bookstagram #literarygoodness #1click #read #review #kaybeesbookshelf #authors #f

Keyshia and Clyde by Treasure E. Blue

Treasured Secret Book 1 by Kendall Talbot This was an enjoyable listen as far as content. The author did a good job of giving the reader insight into the lives of the young couple and their pasts. Their meeting was comical and at the same time realistic, sad and still, unfortunately, something that is still prevalent for a lot of those with melanin. Both Keyshia & Clyde suffered at the hands of their protectors and their overall circumstance in life. The determination and hope they held onto once they realized they were stronger together was interesting to watch unfold. And the author made sure we were included on the trip and not just told something happened. What was odd was that while I listened to the character's evolution, I had no concept of time. The timeline was fluid. Now there was one thing that was bothersome and I apologize in advance. The narrator, Mirron Willis, did a good job. So good in fact that as he brought Keyshia or any of the characters from the South

Treasured Secret Book 1 by Kendall Talbot

Treasured Secret Book 1 by Kendall Talbot (I voluntarily received this book in exchange for an honest review ) Action packed romance story of Rosalina & Archer who were once a couple and now reunited in a quest to uncover treasure. The couple's breakup was due to a lack of openness and communication on Archer's past. He was not in a place to deal with his demons, much less share them. This led to the demise of their relationship. During an outing, Rosa sees something that she feels Archer needs to be made aware and that's when the adventure begins. The two and their best friends embark on a mission that takes them to some pretty great locations all the while trying to beat a very determined person who is also hunting for the same treasure. They have all of this while dealing with their feelings and the possibility of finding their way back to each other. This story was very light on romance. I would probably classify this as action/adventure with a side of susp