Hit or Miss by Latrice Scott

I am a little on the fence with this story. One the concept of a girl looking for a "come up" was not new, but it can make for an entertaining read if executed properly. However, in the case of this particular story, it is one of missed potential.
I think the story was structured fairly well, and the storyline was clear. There were a few interesting characters. While they were not fully developed, the characters still had potential. Throw in some violence, an instance of loving the wrong person, betrayal and being blamed for a murder and you have the story. Unfortunately, execution is where this story was a miss for me. There was quite a bit of unnecessary detail included that added very little to the story and caused it to lag in several places. Once all the events begin to come together, it ends. I hope the author finds her footing in book 2 and allows the story to live up to its potential.

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Reviewed by KayBee