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Destructive Reconstruction Blog Tour

Destructive Reconstruction by Trena L. Matthew Christian Poetry Synopsis Have you ever thought about all the times you have been protected from harm, danger, situations, accidents, people, and much more? How many times have you had something sudden happen that turns your world upside down? Exploring just how many times God has kept you from harm and danger and how many times he's brought you through all types of emotional, medical, and emergency situations make us stronger than we ever thought we ever could be. Trials and tribulations are a part of life. Times of trauma, loss, people using us, society's judgment, work-related issues, conflicts, and many other obstacles that we face each and every day are a test of our faith. We can only imagine the outcome, but the one and only Master, God, and God alone have his hand upon our lives. This is a book of poetry examines a variety of situations and issues where we understand God is in control. This book is a reminder th

The Makings of a Desperate Man

The Makings of a Desperate Man (Naked Secrets Book 1) A riveting tale of  pain ,  lies ,  desperation,  and  illicit pleasures . Floyd ‘Mac’ McAbee is standing at the precipice of his life’s achievements. His once-blooming career is now a crumbling disaster, tumbling down the steep hill of prolific failure. And his once happy marriage has manifested into a raging war, with atomic bombs, laced with bitter venom being dropped at every turn. He can’t even remember the last time shared a fervent night of sultry passion with Alisha. But a man has his needs. And so does a woman. Mac and Alisha’s hidden desires crescendo into burning urges, unbearable to resist. They soon find themselves drowning in illicit lives of sin, covered with lies and endless deception. But lies, as ugly as they are, have a way of stepping into light when least expected. They tear whatever that’s left of Mac’s achievements to shreds, leaving him dangling at the edge of despair. But little does he know of all

Full Circle Book Blog Tour

FULL CIRCLE: A MEMOIR by PAMELA LOMBANA Genre:  Memoir   / Domestic Abuse / Forgiveness  Publisher: Wordfall Publishing Date of Publication: December 5, 2019 Number of Pages: 217 Scroll down for the giveaway! Alcoholism and domestic abuse creep silently into people’s lives, shattering dreams. For Pamela Lombana, the excitement of marriage turned into paralyzing fear as alcohol became her husband’s best friend. Surviving the daily physical and emotional abuse was the norm for her and their children. Full Circle tells the story of how love and God’s abiding grace helped Pamela find the strength to leave her husband, Fernando. During this journey, healing and forgiveness allowed her and the children to be there for him when he needed them the most. ║  AMAZON    ║    BOOKSHOP.ORG   ║   BARNES AND NOBLE   ║                                  

F-strated Series

F-strated: An Erotic Short S eries by  Junnita Jackson My rating:  3.5 of 5 stars                              SYNOPSIS Victoria Manning has a very lucrative career as a personal shopper. She is married to one of Philadelphia's top administrators in the health care industry. Together they have the perfect "outside looking in" life, with their large homes, invite only social elite gatherings and expensive cars. But sometimes the platinum lining just isn't enough to satisfy her. Victoria craves the attention of a man who should be strictly off limits. Although, bought up in the same house and raised by the same woman, Eric and Maurice Manning are complete opposites. Victoria's husband Eric is a generous, kind man with a good heart, a good head on his shoulders and wins awards for being the doting husband. Eric's brother Maurice is a lazy corner boy, with a bad attitude and a wicked stroke game. Victoria knows she shouldn't...but sometimes she just can&

D-matized: A Player’s Hustle by Daja Alexander

Publisher: Diamond Life Presents Publishing                                                              Publication Date: June 25, 2019                                                              Genre: African American, Erotica                                                                               Pages 131 Book Synopsis: Twenty-seven-year-old hustler, Ne’Shawn Johnson meets a lady online named Thiana. Thiana thinks Mark is her Prince Charming. She is unaware that Mark is really Ne’Shawn and has been catfishing women for financial gain.  Thiana and Mark vibe together well and start making future plans.  Meanwhile, Ne’Shawn's real girlfriend, Faeya Harris is pregnant. The relationship between the two has been strained due to unresolved issues and his habit of lying. When Ne’Shawn tells Faeya he is headed out of town for business,  he puts his master plan in motion. Once he leaves Charlotte to go to St. Louis to meet Thiana to swindle her out of her m

Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code

Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code by Carrie Weston My rating: 4 of 5 stars SYNOPSIS Lilly Honey Star is a 15-year-old like no other; she is the sole survivor of a mass murder and is suspected of being the half-mad murderess. Detective Stacy has her doubts about Lilly’s guilt, and when a stranger starts asking bizarre questions, she—along with Lilly—is pulled into the core of the case, which is bigger and more dangerous than they could have ever imagined. Xander Chase, the angel of death and judiciary of spirits, is on the case. Desperate to make his father, Death himself, proud, Xander must unravel the perilous lies and deceit that’s spread through the realms of sinister creatures, before the murderer’s eye turns on him.                                                          BOOK REVIEW Lilly Honey, the lone survivor of mass murder, turned suspect is the focal point of this story, along with Detective Stacy and Xander Chase. Xander Chase is on a mission

My Big Daddy Got Me: Dominic

My Big Daddy Got Me: Dominic by Just Bae My rating: 4 of 5 stars SYNOPSIS All Bernadette wanted for the holiday season was time off. All Dominic wanted was a gift. But, they were both on Santa's "Naughty not Nice" list. And if they don't get away now, the couple might never get this chance again. Looks like Santa will have to dig deep into his bag to give these two a very special gift. This sweet-and-steamy short story will make you ask for a gift too.                                                        BOOK REVIEW Dominic definitely got me. This novelette was romantic, spicey, and just what I needed to perk me up today. It can be hard to make an impact on listeners or readers with short stories. However, this one has me yearning for more. The passion and romance displayed between Dominic and his wife were written perfectly. I think the author did a good job of executing their love story. The narrator also did a good job of giving e

In Way Too Deep

In Way Too Deep by Monica Walters My rating: 5 of 5 stars SYNOPSIS Somehow, things spiraled out of control and the path to self-destruction seemed crystal clear. Kendrall “Kenny” Henderson had the perfect marriage until it wasn’t. While shying away from confrontation, his self-control slips from his grasp and he fell… hard. Losing his wife and children is killing him slowly inside, but the responsibility of taking care of his son outside of their union is what keeps him sane. In the meantime, Kenny knows that he will never love another woman the way he loves his ex-wife, Keisha. Although he messed up royally, he refuses to give up on having her in his life once again, even though she hates him for what he did. While he could hate her for her omissions, he chooses to accept the blame and keeps his knowledge to himself. Feelings of betrayal, anger, hurt, and embarrassment threaten to consume Keisha Henderson at every turn when it comes to her ex-husband, Kenny. His inf

The Unfettered Child

The Unfettered Child by Michael C. Sahd My rating: 3 of 5 stars SYNOPSIS Her tribe is shattered. Her parents are gone. When eight-year-old Samara faces the capture of her tribe, an unimaginable power awakens within her. Even as this magic threatens to consume her, a disembodied voice intervenes, offering guidance and helping her control these newfound abilities. Meanwhile, Samara’s father chases his wife’s captors across an unfamiliar terrain. But can Orin find his wife in time to save her? Will Samara learn to control her power and reunite with her family? And who is the mysterious entity traveling with her? BOOK REVIEW The story of an eight-year-old Samara coping with her tribe being captured and unearthed powers. I think the author did a good job of character development. I could feel the anger that the leader and Samara's father felt during the aftermath of the battle with their enemy. I also enjoyed watching Samara come into her own. The author introdu


IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY by Martin Perks My rating: 4 of 5 stars SYNOPSIS A LITTLE GIRL’S TRAGIC DEATH DEVASTATES HER FAMILY. WILL THEY EVER GET OVER LOSING HER AND FIND THE STRENGTH TO CARRY ON WITHOUT HER? When twelve-year-old Billy’s eight-year-old sister is diagnosed with cancer, it shatters their happy and loving family. To see her suffer for months before a painful death tear’s them all apart. Billy’s father takes to drink, his mother has an affair and Billy is left to grieve on his own. When Billy’s father he finds out about his wife’s infidelity he is heartbroken. He begs her to stay, but unrepentant she leaves him for her lover and asks Billy to come with her. But he opts to stay with his dad. A year later having heard nothing from his mother, they receive a letter in post from her solicitor filing for divorce. The settlement forces them to sell the house and move into a bedsit, which Billy hates. He is now torn between his mother and father but it seems hi

Ramsey Rising: Fortune, Family, & Fate

Ramsey Rising: Fortune, Family, & Fate by D.D. Hairston My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars SYNOPSIS The Ramsey’s had it all. Their father, Ron, worked hard at his Soul Food Restaurant to move his family from the inner city of Los Angeles to an upscale home in Ladera Heights. After a horrific car accident takes the lives of Ron and his wife, leaving his sister, Pearl, paralyzed. The children’s lives are turned upside down. ​ They seem to find themselves back in the streets and on the brink of losing everything their father built. Slim, the oldest son, tries his best to keep them from falling apart after the loss. Making the decision to leave school to take over the family’s restaurant and look out for his younger brothers and cousin, he soon realizes that the choices they’ve made individually strongly affect them all, leading them down another path towards destruction and ultimately devastation. ​ The connection between this family is like no other. Blood brought them toge

Desired or Dominated?

Desired or Dominated? by Criss Carr My rating: 4 of 5 stars Where can I sign up for the Desired or Dominated package? This was a hot erotic tale with love and little drama mixed in with it. This story is about Brielle discovering her worth and having no choice but to accept what comes with that discovery. Solo was all Alpha and secure enough to be vulnerable to Brielle and admit his true feelings. And I felt every word he said right down to my.....well, I felt every word (smile). I really can't say too much without giving up too much of the story. So, I will tell you that this Author did her research on the "scenes", the story was well formatted and outlined and you had a story with clit throbbing sex. And not just sex scenes with a little bit of story thrown around it. The characters were well-written as well. I would love to see ho Tangie is doing after the revelations of the book and how she was able to move on and find her HEA. (hint hint) Great job

This Juicy Story!: The Untold Chapter of Sapphiree Secrets

This Juicy Ass Story!: The Untold Chapter of Sapphiree Secrets by Sapphiree Secrets My rating: 4 of 5 stars This erotic short gave it to us quick and dirty..... and then snatched it away. The story was descriptive in a way that put you right in the mix of things. I could almost feel every lick, slurp, moan and thrust. I hope she takes this and gives her readers a full novel or even novella. This could serve as a good precursor to read with your significant other for a steamy, sweaty even that leaves you both with the best kinds of aches the next day. Enjoy! View all my reviews


Nasty by Octavia Grant My rating: 5 of 5 stars "The Color of Lust This tale almost made me come undone. It began with two being company, but three being fun between Melvin, Veronica & Sabrina. With the introduction of a scenario that will come up at some point in most adult relationships- a threesome - is the catalyst to the events that followed. We get to see how many of the characters are connected in a very "nasty" way. The tale evolved from a threesome into an in-law believing she was all someone else needed. The step she took to "tire out" the spouse of her love interest gave me an "oh no she didn't moment". She set out to stake her claim no matter the cost. Thinking that character took the cake, I was quickly corrected by the introduction of a true nympho and "leader" of her flock. "Anal sex was not designed for lovemaking. It was designed for savagery and that is what I needed at the moment." And

Spilled Milk Situations

Spilled Milk Situations: Urban Erotic Tales  by  Senoj the Writer My rating:  4 of 5 stars This is a collection of erotic shorts that gives you tiny snippets into the lives of ten women and the intense sexual situations that either enhance or disrupt their lives. Through the author's very descriptive writing style, you are thrust into each scene. Of course, you aren't going to have developed characters or much in the way of a story, because it is all about the "action" and out"cum". This is something I would read to my partner as foreplay to our own spilled milk situation. View all my reviews

No Attachment No Entanglement

No Attachment No Entanglement  by  L.P. Henson My rating:  2.5 of 5 stars This was the story of two sisters and the fallout from decisions they make to seduce and scheme. There are several characters to keep up with so pay attention. One sister is paid to seduce her lover's wife. Another assumes a stolen identity and seduces a husband she sets her sights on shortly after arriving at her new place of "employment". The characters and plot were interesting. Unfortunately, due to the lack of proper editing (developmental, line, and copy), I found it extremely difficult to complete. This story has the potential to be a good erotic read. I would love to see this book re-edited and then re-released to accurately reflect the author's talent. View all my reviews

Chemical [se]X 2: just one more

Chemical [se]X 2: just one more  by  Oleander Plume My rating:  4 of 5 stars A collection of erotic stories with two common themes sex & chocolate. Several authors came together to give us several steamy stories set in various scenarios. There is literally something for everyone. I enjoyed each story, but I think Beast is my favorite. It was different from what you would expect to find when you think of erotica. Each author paints a steamy, orgasmic tale that will leave you ready for more. I'm going to go back and read Volume 1 to see where Oleander Plume's idea originated. I recommend you grab your copy of both, your partner, some chocolate and call it night.

Candy Licker

Candy Licker by Noire My rating: 3 of 5 stars Candy, a drug runner meets mega-producer, Hurricane who sees her star quality. He signs her and her girls to the label that everyone thinks they want to be a part of and her life is never the same. She quickly finds out that all is not what it seems with Hurricane. When Candy's secret desires start to take hold, her life is put into danger. The author delivers an engaging story with some cross over elements You get to see what was going on with other character favorites. The story moved quickly and held my interest from beginning to end. View all my reviews

Desired or Dominated?: Master Solo

Desired or Dominated?: Master Solo by Criss Carr My rating: 4 of 5 stars I was ready to revisit Solo and his world. The character development and story progression were solid. We had an opportunity to see what happened after lust, love, and commitment. Solo's past came back to disrupt his life and it was entertaining and drama filled. I loved every minute of it. Add in Markel's comedy interludes and it was almost too much. The author did a great job in executing this sequel that segued into Love Dungeon. View all my reviews