Nasty Nasty by Octavia Grant
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"The Color of Lust

This tale almost made me come undone. It began with two being company, but three being fun between Melvin, Veronica & Sabrina. With the introduction of a scenario that will come up at some point in most adult relationships- a threesome - is the catalyst to the events that followed. We get to see how many of the characters are connected in a very "nasty" way. The tale evolved from a threesome into an in-law believing she was all someone else needed. The step she took to "tire out" the spouse of her love interest gave me an "oh no she didn't moment". She set out to stake her claim no matter the cost. Thinking that character took the cake, I was quickly corrected by the introduction of a true nympho and "leader" of her flock. "Anal sex was not designed for lovemaking. It was designed for savagery and that is what I needed at the moment." And boy did she have to have it AND get it. Then a young woman who was admittedly vanilla is introduced to the concept that Patricia Used Strong Saliva Yesterday at a Big Black Club. Did you catch that? no? Then you need to pick up this erotic tale.

You'll love that the Author leaves the foreplay to someone else and dives head first (no pun intended...well maybe a little) right into the thick 9, 10 or 12 inches of things. This talented author gave us a relatable and vividly erotic tale that left certain parts tingling. Of course, I can't end without mentioning the technical stuff. You got a little character development, perfect formatting, and solid editing. If you walk away with nothing else, you'll remember what our young vanilla friend said. "This experience taught me that in order to be sexually fulfilled, I had to get nasty."


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