Come and Get Me

Come and Get Me Come and Get Me by Monica Walters
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Tiffany Henderson is the baby girl out of her six siblings and the only one who hasn’t found love. While chasing her dreams of owning a successful business and being an innovator in the rodeo industry, she feels she’s still missing out. She wants what her siblings have... a family. Making huge moves establishing herself in the industry as a black woman, she meets the man that could possibly accompany her to fame, however, her desire to be in control of every facet in her life, including the people in it, can be a huge turn-off.

Ryder Semien knows what it feels like to have a rewarding career, doing just what he loves. As a highly sought-after tattoo artist, he’s living his wildest dreams of creating art on walking billboards. He’s somewhat content in where his life is, until he meets the woman of his dreams. She forces him to realize that he’s craved love without even knowing it. He soon realizes that there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to Tiffany Henderson and he desires to know every part of her.

When these two hearts collide, it’s automatic combustion and their chemistry is off the charts. But will their fight for power allow them to explore the possibilities? Or will their struggle cause them to crash and burn

                                                                      BOOK REVIEW
I have to say I loved Tiffany's story. Yes, the love came quickly just as with the other Henderson siblings. This story was packed with so much. I'm not sure I could take any more. The drama surrounding infidelity and jealousy added to the realness of the story. The story was full of humor and love. I believe it takes a strong man to build with a woman who is equally as strong. Great content, good character development and another quickly moving storyline made for an engaging read.


by KayBee