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Dare To Love A Baller

Dare To Love A Baller   by Kim K. Synopsis Jace Ballard is an all-star basketball player that has everything a guy could want. He's rich, has women chasing him left and right and has a good chance of being drafted into the pros. But what happens when he falls in love with his best friend of five years, Drew Robinson? Drew has the attention of the guy that every girl wants, but she doesn't even see it because she's too consumed with her boyfriend, Riley. Jace is so conflicted with falling for Drew, and unfortunately, everyone can see it except her. Will she actually look beyond her own selfish needs and notices Jace for more than just a friend? Or, will she end up in a hopeless relationship, only to lose a real chance at genuine love?                                                       Series Review Book 1 Jace and Drew love each other, but don't divulge it, and when they do they encounter a hidden force that is determined to pull them apart. This was an

Son of A Legend

Son of A Legend by Dymond Taylor                           Synopsis This is a spin-off. To be able to follow the story, I recommend you read That Bona Fide Hood Love: Fire and Pure, followed by Rockin’ His Chain, Wearing His Ring: Jumma & Trouble. This story is surrounding Pure and Fire’s children. Prince AKA Chosen is all grown up and has taken over his father’s empire. All is good until one of their trustee workers puts a bug in his ear. He lets out a secret that is never supposed to be told—Cyril is not your real father. In fact, he’s responsible for the death of your biological father. Jr., who has his dad’s attitude through and through, doesn’t take too well to the news. Just how far is Prince willing to go to avenge his father’s death? What will become of this close-knit family once everything is said and done?                                                                                    Book Review Now. I'm going to be the first to admit that I wanted

The Curious Touch Of Cupid's Son: An Erotic Comedy Between Two Consenting Demigods

The Curious Touch Of Cupid's Son: An Erotic Comedy Between Two Consenting Demigods by Synopsis Women having the big O. Shocking & unexpected. The mind-melting, hip-quivering kind--all just because they accidentally touched Karl. Karl, the human erotic taser. Book Review Imagine being in an elevator and accidentally bumping some or walking past someone in a narrow hallway and then all of a sudden, your body is ignited by knee melting, eye-rolling tiny little (maybe not so tiny) impulses that turn you into a puddle of mush. Well, that's what happens when you come into contact with a demi-god.  One one hand we have Karl, who turns women into quivering puddles. On the other hand, we have Aurora, who has the ability to do the same. What happens when these two beings collide? Well, you'll have to read to find out.  I loved that when they meet it is revealed they have no effect on each other and this forces them to find out why and along the way, they discover th

Dark: A Dark Paranormal Romance

Dark: A Dark Paranormal Romance by Kat Kinney                     Synopsis Hayden Crowe fronts an all-girls band down in Austin, Texas. Between tending bar so her sister can stay in school and dealing with the fallout after their addict father skipped town, she hasn’t exactly had time to join the social media freak out over the recent outing of vampires and werewolves.                    Book Review This book combined two of my favorite genres - paranormal and mystery.  So, vampires are out of the shadows and everyone knows about them. Hayden has been mugged and has been suffering from strange "symptoms". Is she turning? or is it something else? Enter Ethan, the local barista at Dark, he's in love with her and is going to help her get to the bottom of things.  I loved that mixed in with the world of shifters and the like, you get to play detective alongside these two to figure out what the heck is happening in Blood Moon. This first-person shifter stor

A Real N*gga's Rib

A Real N*gga's Rib by                                                Synopsis Asha and Roderick have been together for years and have a bond that most people envy. Some would say that they're relationship goals, but everything that glitters ain't always gold. When Rod's criminal past comes back to haunt him, it causes a major strain and separation on he and Asha's relationship.                                               Book Review Asha and Rod were lovers who married and were faced with a forced separation that resulted in betrayal and disloyalty by one. The betrayal resulted in the death of their relationship  Now the journey to the demise of their relationship is what should interest you. It was very tame with no hint of instability. It was so tame that the ending came out of nowhere and while explosive and dramatic it made me go "huh?" I did like the nods to social hot spots in Houston like the Bell Tower and Breakfast Kl

The Horrors Hiding in Plain Sight Book Tour & Giveaway

The Horrors Hiding in Plain Sight   by Rebecca Rowland  Genre: Psychological Horror, Transgressive Dark Fiction, Short Stories  Three adolescent bullies discover that the vicious crime for which they were never charged will haunt them in unimaginably horrific ways; a dominatrix and a bondage fetishist befriend one another as one’s preoccupation grows to consume his life. A man persuades his wife to start a family, but her reluctant pregnancy comes with a dreadful side effect. A substitute teacher’s curiosity about a veteran teacher’s methodology provides her with a lesson she won’t soon forget. An affluent, xenophobic lawyer callously kills two immigrants with her car with seeming impunity; a childless couple plays a sadistic game with a neglected juvenile each Halloween. An abusive father, a dating site predator, a neglected concierge, and an obsessed co-worker: they are all among the residents of Rebecca Rowland’s universe, and they dwell in the everyday realm of c

Fire Molten & Ash

Fire Molten & Ash   by Clarence Barbee Synopsis Molten Fire and Ash is a collection of intense poems. This collection is confident in the fluid environment that has been created where time and space become suspended. Divided into 3 sequences, this work remarkably summons themes on self reflection, fatherhood, politics, mental health, and family values, in an imaginative and animated way. Strong word-play is exhibited as the author finds diverse ways to engage and stimulate his readers. This collection will speak to the reader who loves the page, as well as fans of spoken word. If you’re looking for a book where words are performed with force, then you’ve found it. Poetry Book Review Each poem in this collection represents a part of this world as it stands today.  Along with representing the author as he stands today.  He is a father full of love and worry for the future.  It's about the BLM movement and the mention of #45 in "Crudeship" or

Tempt Me Blog Tour & Giveaway

Tempt Me   Dark Odyssey Book 4  by Faith Summers  Genre: Billionaire Mafia Romance  Love is a weakness for a man like me…  Two years ago my enemies murdered my wife. They took away the mother of my newborn son. That’s how I became the beast… A merciless, heartless, soulless creature.  That’s why I made the deal with Ava: Take her to repay her father’s debt…  I couldn’t resist. Not when I saw she feared me as much as she wanted me. I wanted the beauty, a woman nearly half my age. I wanted to own her and possess her. Then I wanted more. More than her obedience and submission. I wanted her body, heart, mind and soul. I never knew I was signing my death warrant when our paths collided. I never knew who she truly was: A Bratva princess who's supposed to be a ghost. Her dark secrets unearth old enemies who want her dead. I’m Vincent Giordano, underboss to the Giordano family . I should know better than to start a war.

The Prince's Prisoner Blog Tour & Giveaway

Fae   The Prince's Prisoner Book 1  by Quinn Blackbird  Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance  A dark fae prince. A stolen human girl. And an unwanted marriage. Not all beasts can be redeemed... Callie doesn’t believe in fairy tales. Too bad they believe in her. The fae whisk Callie and her friend off to be prisoners of an eternal dance. But Callie is stolen again. Maybe the eternal dance wasn’t so bad after all… Everything in the fae realm comes at a price… Please read content warnings inside book preview. This is a dark retelling of the ORIGINAL Beauty & the Beast retelling with elements and themes that deal with Stockholm Syndrome and violence. Serves as a cautionary tale.  Goodreads * Amazon Prince of War   The Prince's Prisoner Book 2  A dark fae prince. A stolen human girl. And an unwanted marriage. Not all beasts can be redeemed... A lethal fae has taken Callie as his unwilling bride, and she has

Samantha's Heart: The Forrest Series, Book 3

Samantha's Heart: The Forrest Series, Book 3   by Lynne Anders Synopsis When her husband Steven’s memory partially returns after an unknown assailant shot and nearly killed him, Samantha Williams Collins expects their lives to pick up where they left off. However, Steven admits he’s a changed man and no longer possesses the intimate connection they once shared. She struggles to find a new normal with him, drawing on hope from their unborn child, and relying on support from her college-age step-daughter Rebecca, and the light in her life—her precious baby son, Christopher. But, how can Samantha find peace and true love again when Steven now fundamentally questions his love for her? His ex-girlfriend Jackie Anthony, continues to harass them, and yet another traumatizing life experience tosses Samantha to the edge of an emotional abyss.                                                             Book Review The end of Samantha and Steven's story wraps u

Fated Mountain Wolf Pack Series Blog Tour

Fated Mate   Fated Mountain Wolf Pack Book 1  by Jessica Aspen  Genre: Paranormal Romance  I've been abandoned. Left on the side of the road with a Rocky Mountain storm on the way and the only person I can turn to is a stranger—but Aaron has his own secrets...  When Gwynn's dad sells her off to pay his gambling debts the only person she can turn to is a stranger. But how is she to know her knight in shining armor is actually working for the bad guys?  Aaron’s been forced to work for a criminal for too long, he’s just counting the days to freedom. When the opportunity rises he’s ready to jump. The only problem is—in order to get what he wants he has to betray a stranger. Too bad she’s his fated mate…  Now, Aaron has to save Gwynn, keep the pack lands the boss has promised him, and convince the only woman he’ll ever truly love that fairy tales are real—and so are wolf shifters…  For sexy Shifter Romance you can’t put down…  Buy FATED MATE