Tell Me Something Good: A series: Book 1

Tell Me Something Good: A series: Book 1 Tell Me Something Good: A series: Book 1 
C. Darayl Howard

When love calls, you better answer. But, not too quick; only fools rush in, as Naomi soon finds out when she is swept off her feet by Judah.

Naomi, is young and ready to take the world by storm. She thinks she has it all together, but she's the baby of the family and has always been protected by her over-bearing parents. Her naivete is no match for a worldly man like Judah. She wants to be her own woman, independent and smart. Yet, she wants to be loved by a man, but doesn't want to admit it.

When Naomi meets Judah, she falls head over heels in spite of her misgivings about love and relationships. Still, she tries to keep her wits about her as she begins college, which requires a full-time commitment. Can she indulge this new romance, or will it cause her to jeopardize the future she wants so desperately? Or will she risk it all and end up hurt and a disappointment to her family?

                                                                                  Book Review
What?  This is why I don't like to read a book from a series.  I got so caught up in Naomi's story that when it ended, ON A CLIFFHANGER, I wanted to scream!  This is a fast-paced story.  I literally read this in a day.  Naomi is just starting college and just broke up with Keith, her first serious boyfriend.  She meets Judah and sparks fly!  They fall for each other but there are some things Judah is not telling her.  With her family, a sister's wedding, her ex-boyfriend trying to build a bridge, and trying to find her footing within the college world, Naomi's life is pure chaos.  There were a few grammatical errors but nothing too serious.  The author definitely engaged the reader from start to finish and with the build-up to the second story, how can a reader not want to continue the series? 

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