Dirty Truth

Dirty Truth Dirty Truth
Brenda Hampton

A man grapples with the murder of his fiance and vows to hunt down the killer, in this fast-paced, powerful novel.

Book Review
The story revolves around Brandon and him solving the case of who murdered his girlfriend Cassandra. Along the way, we are introduced to his best friend, other lovers, and other supporting characters. I know that for most the ending made up for the inconsistencies and lack of flow in the story. For me, yes the ending was a nice twist, that was slowly revealed about 6o% into the book, but it was not enough to make the collection of nonsensical scenes that made up this story.
Maybe had I not read the synopsis that could have helped. I would have liked a bit of character development and cohesiveness throughout the story. I think it would have flowed better and made sense. 
Evelyn was a bit player in the story, The women as a whole and Brandon's relationship with women and his mental health were the major storylines. The ending is left open. However, I can't say that I would rush to read even though I'd be interested to know Brandon's future.
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