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Nocturne Falls Series Books 1-12

  Synopsis -  Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year. Book Review - This will be short and sweet just like each book in this series. I enjoyed all 12 books. The author found a winning formula and created a town that tourists wanted to visit year-round because they believed that the town was filled with actors who played dress-up. They had no idea that the vampire's teeth had a bite or that the gargoyle atop a building was real or that witches were casting actual spells. Each book in the series focuses on a new couple discovering each other. Each book was filled with light-hearted fun, a ton of angst, a little romance, and a little intrigue. The narrator for the series, BJ Harrison, is just as much a part of the town as the actual characters. I would recommend this series to anyone wanting a little light-hearted paranormal fun. You can get your copy by clicking the image above and support the author by leaving a review.

Tangled in a Lover's Web: The Novel

Tangled in a Lover's Web: The Novel by China Synopsis -  Memphis, TN, is the “Home of the Blues” in more ways than just music. The atmosphere of the “Blues” hovers over the city like dark clouds, so it is no surprise that the wicked storms of Murder, Adultery, Sex, Lies, Revenge, and Dark Secrets rain down on the weary and desperate citizens of the “Bluff City”.In the tale, Tangled in a Lover’s Web, the weary and desperate become “spiders” caught up in the web of deceit. The “spiders” crawl in and out of each other’s lives leaving a trail of destruction behind, as they struggle to distinguish between “Love” and “Lust”.28-year-old Luther Stewart is at a crossroads in his marriage to Victoria Walker-Stewart, when he has a chance encounter with an old flame; Malaysia Garrison-Tong. Regret, selfishness, and lust drive him to her doorstep and eventually into her bed. Unfortunately, Malaysia is married to one of Luther’s clients; Ji Tong, but she is still in

Captivated By Her Chaos

Synopsis -  After a five-year bid in prison, Kamryn Lewis’s life is in shambles, and it continues to spiral downhill. That leads her to have an unexpected encounter with Tevin “Chaos” Taylor. Kam’s main focus is on getting her life together and not allowing anyone to have control of her heart. However, when Tevin comes along, she finds that he is a man who is difficult to deny. Tevin is busy running a smooth operation when he realizes Kamryn is the woman he has been looking for all of his life. However, things start to take a dangerous turn when an old foe has it out to destroy everything Tevin has built. Will Tevin stay focused and manage to secure Kamryn’s heart, or will Kam get lost in the shuffle? Book Review -   Kamryn and Tevin find each other at a time when she needs someone in her corner. Unfortunately, a lifetime of "hard knocks", bad decisions, and betrayal leaves her with a wall up. A wall that Tevin is determined to break through that is if he can


PREY FOR ME by John Casti Synopsis -  World-renowned scientist Victor can't resist his attraction to Alex, a brilliant financier - and his addiction to her touch drives him over the edge.  The two are thrust together as business partners in the risky world of London finance, complicating and raising the stakes of their personal game playing. As Alex's behavior becomes increasingly violent, Victor suspects that she is behind sinister actions involving others in the firm. Victor's intellectual curiosities and desires are also piqued by this added dimension of mystery and danger.  Alex would play with his emotions like a well-played guitar. Then she would disappear. Book Review -"Alex’s cocktail-party fa ̧cade had slipped a little, giving him a glimpse of an entirely different Alex lurking just below her innocent-appearing surface. Perhaps she was as much a predator as prey, he thought." -Victor Based on the synopsis and the opening, this novel held

The Black Rose Killer

The Black Rose Killer by Linette King Synopsis -  Everyone handles childhood trauma differently. Some people make time to heal and grow. Some people hold on to it and history repeats itself. Then there are the saviors, the ones who want to prevent anyone from feeling the pain they felt. Those people are usually willing to do anything for someone they're trying to help. But how far is too far? At what point does the thin line between right and wrong blur? Find out in this story The Black Rose Killer. Book Review - I can't believe I'm three for three on my Halloween 2020 reads.  Linette King delivered an exciting story. I love her twisted mind. While the vigilante angle is not new, King made it her own. She weaved a perfect mystery with a couple of interesting turns. The story moved quickly and the plot was well developed. The characters and their individual stories were interesting as well. The only reason it isn't a 5-star rating is because of the few e

Yours Truly

Yours Truly by Omega Synopsis -  What did history tell you about a woman scorned? See what this she does in revenge that can affect her entire life and possibly even history as we know it...but a little different. The Jack The Ripper you think you know changes all in Yours Truly. Book Review - A woman driven to madness is what we are dealing with in The Ripper Book 1. Left by her husband after multiple miscarriages and a maddening single focus on given him a child.  After catching her husband in bed with a prostitute and her husband proclaiming that she was no longer his wife only this "carcass" whose sole focus was bearing him a child, our heroine goes into a state of madness. What's odd is that she drove her husband away for a child, he could do without if it meant still having his wife. This was a slight re-imagining of Jack the Ripper  . What if Jack the Ripper was a scorned woman instead of a mad man?  Jacqueline, our heroine, develops a severe dislik

Omega Rising: Origins of Agent Rusty Bones Book One

Omega Rising: Origins of Agent Rusty Bones Book One   by Douglas S Pierce Synopsis -  "It's going to be a wild one tonight." I uttered those prophetic words on Halloween. The same night I died in the line of duty. In life, I didn't believe in magick, monsters, religion, or souls. Funny how waking up dead with my consciousness trapped in an amulet provided such clarity. My name is Agent Rusty Bones, and this is my account of the rather dubious life-choices that landed me in the clutches of the ultra-secretive Omega Project. To solve my own death, I must now escape those holding my very essence in an iron-clad grip. But the clock is ticking. Can I bring my killer to justice before anyone else suffers my same fate?  Book Review -  Color me surprised when I read this book by Mr. Pierce. I had only read The Maiden's Song   by this author. I read a few other reviews and the comparison between Robocop meets Terminator only to find that they were right. Ru

Naked Desires: The Naked Series

Naked Desires: The Naked Series   by Samuel Silver Synopsis -  Unrequited lust. Relentless jealousy. And an unwinding road to bisexual revelations. Alisha's only desire is to writhe with passion over Mac's tight body as he strokes her to a sweet and bone-quivering release. She yearns for his enflaming touch. Lusts for his fervent kiss. Itches for his penetrating embrace. But someone stands in her way. A blonde hourglass figure in a tight miniskirt sits outside Mac's office. She's his devout secretary. She constantly interrupts Alisha's intimacies. Forever wedged between her and Mac. All the while, Alisha fights her own decadent demons. A lithe redhead in her prime years ignites a concupiscent flame in Alisha's body like she's never experienced before. She lavishes Alisha's frustrations with intimate massage sessions, sending ripples of debauched pleasure coursing through her voluptuous frame. Suddenly, Alisha is forced to face the bisexua

Love Like a Nightmare

Love Like a Nightmare by Monica Walters Synopsis -  Love is risky, and in life, people take risks. Valerie Denise Porter takes a risk to love Eric Draymond Walker, an aspiring rapper, despite her sister and best friend's uncertainties about him. His looks had her mesmerized from the beginning. That risk eventually proves to not be worth taking. Valerie discovers that her life with Eric isn't what she thought it would be. Like many women in toxic relationships, she feels trapped. She's living a nightmare, a live horror flick that she can't seem to escape from, until Isaac Mateo Ramirez makes her acquaintance. While she likes Isaac, Eric is the man she loves. Love should be reciprocated, but somehow, Valerie forgets what love is supposed to look like, sound like, and feel like. Isaac wants to be the man to remind her of how amazing love can feel, but she can't seem to break free of Eric's grasp. Despicable decisions lead to unfortunate events, and

Beast Series

                                     Synopsis -  Tarik Bush, also known as Beast, is a street enforcer with a drug dynasty in Augusta, Georgia. He is feared by most and respected by all, always seeming to run the streets with smarts and brutal force. But, he's growing tired of his way of life and decides he wants out, and although he's ready to throw in the towel, he still knows sleeping with the Drug Boss’ girl is a no no. Unable to resist temptation, his actions will cause a domino effect that nearly takes out his whole crew. Book Review - When Tarik falls for the Boss' girl and finds out she has been beaten, his action set off a chain reaction of negative actions that could bring his world crashing down and forces him into exile.  However, he left a precious gift with his lady that has him changing his outlook on the future of his family.  I think the author did a good job on what I think was his first series. The story moved well. The characters were somewhat develop

Alpha Boss Series

                                  Synopsis Can Samantha tame the beast, or will Preston Davis show her who's the alpha? Samantha Davis was only looking for a job, but landed in front of a sexy, beast of a boss. The moment she stepped into the lobby at ASC she knew she belonged there, and the moment Preston Jacobs stepped into her life, she knew she'd never be the same. His massive frame towers over her. His presence is intimidating, and he is the sexiest man she's ever seen. He exudes power, and Samantha can't explain the raw, animalistic attraction she feels. Sam is determined to push thoughts of the boss out of her mind, but the connection may be too powerful. Preston Jacobs is a hard-headed wolf shifter, and as CEO of ASC and leader of his pack, he hasn't had time to worry about people's feelings. Everything changed when he met Samantha. He knew she was his mate the moment he laid eyes on her. His thoughts become consumed with taking his mate and marki

The War We Make

The War We Make by  Chase E.F. Bolling Synopsis -  America is dead! Long live the Continental American Federacy! The former President of the United States has sold extraordinary powers to the highest bidder, reforming the nation to the whims of the deep state, while the Vanguard races to stop a resurgent Confederacy from consolidating their rule from Virginia to Mexico! But a bloodthirsty occultist elite and an onslaught of witches, wizards, psychics, and demonic forces make the task more dangerous than ever before! The action-packed sword and soul saga of the Vanguard continues with The War We Make First Book of the Vanguard II! When weapons technologies were trapped in the dark ages, and a rogue American government turned on its own, the Vanguard, a revolutionary separatist kingdom was born, led by King Chessed of Bridgeport. But when Chessed is betrayed and presumed missing or dead, what will become of his fledgling kingdom? In Chessed's absence, it's up to K

Don't Mess With The Quiet Chick

Don't Mess With The Quiet Chick   by Wahida Clark Synopis -  Niiema is a quiet chick who only goes to college, loves her parents, and stays to herself. She decided after her finals for the semester that she would go out with her friend, Barbie who is the opposite in every way, shape, and form. Niiema decides to go to the bar before working out, and she meets a man, a LARGE man. The things that happen to her are beyond anything she has ever experienced. Had she known that her whole sex life would be turned upside down, she would have shown up a year before. The question is, can she be a quiet chick on the street and a wild chick in the sheets? Book Review - College friends Barbie and Niiema go off for a night at a club to celebrate the end of the semester and meet up with "D", a former ballplayer for a night of oral sexual exploration which evolved into a weekend of chaotic activity. While it's stated that Naiiemai is the "quiet chick" she's

The Restoration of Love

The Restoration of Love by Tucora Monique Synopsis -  Sawyer "Stix" Soules is searching for peace. Due to things she cannot change, Stix had been taught to conform. After leaving the Black Lightning Motorsports Family, the spitfire mechanic has decided to focus on building her own legacy with her cousin, Shooter, at her side. Specializing in restoring old school vehicles, the community activist couldn't be happier on the business front, though her personal affairs are unraveling. Old wounds have caused her to choose a polyamorous lifestyle and Stix isn't looking to add to her tribe. Nevertheless, can countless run-ins with a persistent gentleman restore the idea of exclusivity? Yemisi Powers is seeking salvation. Growing up, the God-fearing man was rooted in his brothers' shadows but also taught the power of timing. As an adult, Yemisi swears by the notion that time is of the essence and will walk away from anyone who devalues what he

The Bust: Live By The Gun Die By The Gun

The Bust: Live By The Gun Die By The Gun   by Stanley E. James II Synopsis -  Drugs, homicides, corrupt officials, and gang violence have taken over the Los Angeles County streets of Long Beach, California. Mitch is a ‘Tiny Gangsta’ who had been patiently waiting and is now in charge of the daily operations of their Crip set Square Hood Crips. Mitch and his fellow Crip homies, C Mac, Tristan, and Roddy all have different hopes and share similar journeys in life. As Mitch tries to change for the better after dealing with so many of life's tragedies, he wanted to continue his career and dreams of becoming a world-renown writer and poet. Being from the ghettos of North Long Beach, the gang life reels him back in deeper than ever. The FBI, and local authorities are trying to lock down Mitch and his gang, the homicide count has risen in the streets. Will Mitch escape to the East Coast to lay low and start a new chapter in his life with his family? Or, will he end up eithe

The Righteous Sinner

The Righteous Sinner by Tyran Saffold Jr. Synopsis -  Curtis wasn't the one his family had chosen to follow in his father's footsteps as lead pastor of the family church. He took a different path than his brother, Solomon. A road that resembled the way of a prodigal son, a sharp contrast to his big brother. But, when Solomon was tragically murdered by the police, everyone in the family had a hard time accepting his death and gave into their vices to help them cope. With Curtis left as the only son, he feels the need to fill Solomon's righteous shoes-- not only that, but his father expects him to. Now, being thrust into a Christian lifestyle that he wasn't ready to live, he will understand that the demons from his past were not prepared to let go, and neither was he. Curtis will soon find out that the grass on the other side of the fence appeared to be greener, but in reality, the muck was a lot thicker beneath the surface. Walk with Curtis and uncover al

All Apart of The Chaos: Bubba Griggs A Novel

All Apart of The Chaos: Bubba Griggs A Novel   by Larry T. Griggs Synopsis -  Everyone thinks that Pro Wrestling is fake, but to Ryder Blakemore, being fake gets him paid. Ryder lives in the world of "selling" the act of making wrestling look believable to the audience. He's a third generation wrestler on his way to cement his legacy as the best wrestler in the world by winning the championship belt at Slampocalypse. He as it all, money, a great house, everything except the answer to this question. What do you say to someone when their wife just left them? This is what Ryder must try to figure out when his best his best friend loses the love of his life. When the duties of being a caretaker to his friend starts to prove more than he can handle, Ryder soon realizes that being there for someone is more than a "it be like that sometimes." It isn't until Ryder meets and instantly bonds with Amira that things begin to change. Now his main focus is