Omega Rising: Origins of Agent Rusty Bones Book One

Omega Rising: Origins of Agent Rusty Bones Book One Omega Rising: Origins of Agent Rusty Bones Book One 
by Douglas S Pierce

Synopsis"It's going to be a wild one tonight." I uttered those prophetic words on Halloween. The same night I died in the line of duty. In life, I didn't believe in magick, monsters, religion, or souls. Funny how waking up dead with my consciousness trapped in an amulet provided such clarity. My name is Agent Rusty Bones, and this is my account of the rather dubious life-choices that landed me in the clutches of the ultra-secretive Omega Project. To solve my own death, I must now escape those holding my very essence in an iron-clad grip. But the clock is ticking. Can I bring my killer to justice before anyone else suffers my same fate? 

Book Review -  Color me surprised when I read this book by Mr. Pierce. I had only read The Maiden's Song  by this author. I read a few other reviews and the comparison between Robocop meets Terminator only to find that they were right. Rusy was brought into the Omega Project and tasked with solving his murder. His mix of sarcastic dark humor mixed with a hint of vulnerability endeared him to me.  Pierce delivered an action-packed dark fantasy that constantly kept me on my toes. I loved the voodoo element. The story moved with ease and was well developed with a strong and entertaining hero leading the charge. As one of my 2020 Halloween reads, thankfully it entertained more than frightened.
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