Love Like a Nightmare

Love Like a Nightmare Love Like a Nightmare by Monica Walters

SynopsisLove is risky, and in life, people take risks. Valerie Denise Porter takes a risk to love Eric Draymond Walker, an aspiring rapper, despite her sister and best friend's uncertainties about him. His looks had her mesmerized from the beginning. That risk eventually proves to not be worth taking. Valerie discovers that her life with Eric isn't what she thought it would be.

Like many women in toxic relationships, she feels trapped. She's living a nightmare, a live horror flick that she can't seem to escape from, until Isaac Mateo Ramirez makes her acquaintance. While she likes Isaac, Eric is the man she loves. Love should be reciprocated, but somehow, Valerie forgets what love is supposed to look like, sound like, and feel like.

Isaac wants to be the man to remind her of how amazing love can feel, but she can't seem to break free of Eric's grasp. Despicable decisions lead to unfortunate events, and Valerie finds herself at a crossroad. She knows what's right, but will she make the right decision, or will she stumble and fall in the horror flick of love?

Book Review -  Valerie met the man she thought was the love of her life on a girl's night out. Unfortunately, thugs and kisses turned into punches and slaps. When Eric's dream failed to come to fruition he took out his frustrations on her body with deadly results. 
I think this was an appropriate story for the Domestic Awareness month. It highlighted how one person's unhappiness can with themselves can have negative and dangerous effects on not only their lives but those close to them. Outside of the obvious physical impact abuse can have, the author touches on the long-lasting effects of the mental aspect. The story moved quickly and wrapped up with a HEA. I was left with a few questions, but all in all, this was a quick read with an important message.
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