The Righteous Sinner

The Righteous Sinner The Righteous Sinner by Tyran Saffold Jr.

SynopsisCurtis wasn't the one his family had chosen to follow in his father's footsteps as lead pastor of the family church. He took a different path than his brother, Solomon. A road that resembled the way of a prodigal son, a sharp contrast to his big brother. But, when Solomon was tragically murdered by the police, everyone in the family had a hard time accepting his death and gave into their vices to help them cope. With Curtis left as the only son, he feels the need to fill Solomon's righteous shoes-- not only that, but his father expects him to. Now, being thrust into a Christian lifestyle that he wasn't ready to live, he will understand that the demons from his past were not prepared to let go, and neither was he. Curtis will soon find out that the grass on the other side of the fence appeared to be greener, but in reality, the muck was a lot thicker beneath the surface. Walk with Curtis and uncover all of the deep family secrets, church skeletons, and pitfalls he runs into as he is stuck inside of two worlds as the righteous sinner- Part 1 of a 3-Part series.

Book Review-This story revolved around one son being held to the standard of a deceased "golden child" while straddling two worlds.  This was a bit of a rough read. I'm not certain if it was the interesting descriptive phrasing that disrupted the flow of the sentence i.e. "cubic zirconia tears fell" or "her tee-shirt bear-hugged her frame". Nothing wrong with them necessarily other than placement. There was no attention given to transitions, which meant I had to go back and re-read the previous sentence or two to ensure I knew what was going on in the current paragraph. I think this story had potential, but with the choppy delivery, spelling and grammatical errors, and inconsistent sentence structure, it fell a little flat for me, which is unfortunate, because I think with a bit of editing this could be a good fiction story all around.
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