World-renowned scientist Victor can't resist his attraction to Alex, a brilliant financier - and his addiction to her touch drives him over the edge. 

The two are thrust together as business partners in the risky world of London finance, complicating and raising the stakes of their personal game playing. As Alex's behavior becomes increasingly violent, Victor suspects that she is behind sinister actions involving others in the firm.

Victor's intellectual curiosities and desires are also piqued by this added dimension of mystery and danger. 

Alex would play with his emotions like a well-played guitar. Then she would disappear.

Book Review -"Alex’s
cocktail-party fa ̧cade had slipped a little, giving him a glimpse of
an entirely different Alex lurking just below her innocent-appearing
surface. Perhaps she was as much a predator as prey, he thought."

Based on the synopsis and the opening, this novel held much promise for a new psychological thriller. This novel based on a young and brilliant young woman,  Alex who may or may not have a pension for tossing a bloke over a cliff. Victor, divorced and brilliant, becomes taken by her beauty, intellect, and her sexual prowess.  The author spent considerable time ensuring the reader could picture the different locales and its happenings. However, most of the time it added nothing to the storyline. It did little to move the story along. The characters were interesting, however, I would have liked a bit more background on Alex for certain. I think the story got bogged down in unnecessary details far too much to focus on what was truly important like the relationship between the hunter and the prey. As far as the sex scenes, I think the lack of chemistry didn't help them to be as exotic as they could have. Overall, this was an okay read that could have been more thrilling. I can appreciate the author's knowledge and due diligence when it came to the financial project and creativity when it came to the overall plot, but I would have loved it had been true to its chosen genre. But, don't take my word for it, you can get your copy by clicking the image below and supporting the author by leaving a review.