The War We Make

The War We Make The War We Make by 
Chase E.F. Bolling

SynopsisAmerica is dead! Long live the Continental American Federacy! The former President of the United States has sold extraordinary powers to the highest bidder, reforming the nation to the whims of the deep state, while the Vanguard races to stop a resurgent Confederacy from consolidating their rule from Virginia to Mexico! But a bloodthirsty occultist elite and an onslaught of witches, wizards, psychics, and demonic forces make the task more dangerous than ever before! The action-packed sword and soul saga of the Vanguard continues with The War We Make First Book of the Vanguard II! When weapons technologies were trapped in the dark ages, and a rogue American government turned on its own, the Vanguard, a revolutionary separatist kingdom was born, led by King Chessed of Bridgeport. But when Chessed is betrayed and presumed missing or dead, what will become of his fledgling kingdom? In Chessed's absence, it's up to Khalise, the first lady of the Vanguard and mother of his children to take up her nation's banner and don her crown! She must overcome depression, loss, and anxiety to lead her people to war in this dark fantasy thriller! African and Native American myths and legends combine with magical realism, horror, Arthurian themes, and Afrofuturism to create an, epic, emotionally charged journey that will leave you hungry for more!

Book Review -  While I am a fan of paranormal and fantasy, I am not necessarily a fan of dystopian fiction. It is not my first choice when I want to pick up something to escape. However, I always like to discover new genres and new authors. Many months ago, I reviewed Book 1, The Road of Resistance, and was thoroughly pleased. I loved this author's storytelling style. Whereas book one introduced us to this new world order and the Vanguard, book 2 explores what happens when the first lady of the Vanguard, Khalise, must hold things together once Chessed goes "missing". 

Boling took us on an action-packed ride filled with political intrigue, betrayal with droplets of  American (African and Black) history. I think what I enjoyed most is how he captured the Khalise's strength. How she moved forward as a leader all while being a mother and mourning the loss of her mate.  Boling delivers this as if he were narrating an episode of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings dipped in melanin and steeped in our rich history. There literally is something for every fantasy lover in this book. 

The story moved seamlessly through to the end. I was engaged in Chapter 1 and read it in one day, which I don't normally have an opportunity to do these days. But, I had to see what would happen next with that fierce woman at the helm. Boling's characters and plot are so well developed that you can't help but to become invested.  I think Boling has the potential to be one of the best selling authors in this genre as he continues to grow and study his craft.  
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I received an ARC copy of this work of fiction. However, it does not affect my review.

The Vanguard 

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